A New Place to Eat

We are always looking out for an affordable restaurant with delicious food. Luckily, there are still many places that surprise us in a good way in Perlis. South of Kangar towards the highway, while looking for a nasi mandi restaurant, we came across this good Thai restaurant for iftar.

Right by the padi fields

Right by the padi fields (Click for a larger image)

We parked by the fields which had been prepped for sowing. It would not be long before a more lively field of green would grow and cover up the brown mud.

Ordering for iftar

Ordering for iftar

We discovered that the nasi goreng Thai here was delicious. It has a side of soup and sambal.

Traffic activity has reduced to zero at iftar

Backlit kid is backlit

The nasi mandi restaurant was right across the road. We might return to it later.

Time to go home for Maghrib

Here be the signage

Here is Irfan posing with the multicoloured lights that marked the restaurant’s location and illuminated the its signage.

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