A Vaccine Nation

Today is Opah Irfan’s birthday. Happy birthday, Opah Irfan.

Additionally, today was the date the MySejahtera app scheduled my first COVID-19 vaccination injection. However, Ain nor Irfan were still unscheduled. We believe that my blood pressure condition automatically grouped me early with citizens who are at high-risk.

It cannot be stated enough. It is unbelievable that we are living through a real, honest-to-goodness planet-wide pandemic.

Queue Ticket

Queue Ticket

Ain drove me to the vaccination site and waited in the car. When I was in line, I asked one of the medical personnels if it was possible for Ain to be given a shot today since she was close by. After the lady visibly consulted with two officers, she informed me: no.

When my number came up it did not take long for me to reach the injection booth even though I went through the check-in table, the confirmation table, the briefing and signature table.

At the injection booth – one of many – I put down my bag, sat on the table and told the nurse that I was right-handed. Before I knew it, she told me it was done. Soon I was out in the waiting area (along with a colleague and Irfan’s former secondary school teacher) waiting to be processed.


Naturally, I took photos.

After the Ministry of Health personnel gave me a date for my second injection, I headed out the exit towards Ain, still waiting in the car.

To be continued.

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