Allie’s 12 Month (aka First) Birthday

Can you believe it???? Allie had her very first birthday, and turned a YEAR old last Wednesday, July 22!

[[image:allie312a.jpg:Hellooooooo I’m 1!!!!:center:0]]

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Allieeeeee,
Happy birthday to youuuuuu

Many thanks to everyone who called/emailed/sent presents/cards/ecards/facebooked/forummed and even blogged birthday wishes for Allie! It made us all very happy and we thank you for your wonderful wishes.

*As always, please mouse over the pictures for captions.

This last month has seriously flown by! I’m in-between projects so have been able to spend a lot of time with Allie and her Papa! No pesky work to get in the way! Teehee! And Allie has come so far! She has two teeth now (doubled her teeth total in one month!), commando-crawls forward especially in hot pursuit of Lily the cat, strides purposefully if you hold her hands and help her, and she even kicks a ball around the house and chases after it! A Mia Hamm in the making? If my genes have any say in it, then proooobably not, but Vin sure does like to play and watch sports, so you never know. Plus Alya’s Atok loved his soccer and tennis. (Skipped a generation with Hisham and me though, hehe) She still does not say any words but communicates well in her own special way.

We also went to visit Becky in Indiana for Independence Day, and drove to Durham, NC to attend Aeisha’s wedding. It’s been a very action packed month! Allie continued to try new things for the first half of this month, but came down with a stomach virus (aka The Twelve Days of Pooping) that ended the day before her birthday. So we held off introducing new food until the bug passed through her system, since we wouldn’t be able to tell whether Allie was reacting to the food or not. The poor love just pooped four or five times a day, for twelve days (about 8 days of it was diarrhoea). Luckily Allie continued to do everything else normally (eat, play, sleep) and never got dehydrated. So anyway, here are the foods she tried before the Twelve Days of Pooping commenced (all following the 4-day rule) and her rating of them:

1. Lime zest mixed with plums (thumbs up)
2. Ground lamb with rice, onion, carrots, garlic and celery (thumbs up)
3. Curry powder mixed with chicken/rice risotto style (thumbs up)
4. Quinoa with chicken, onion, carrots, garlic, sage, ground turmeric and celery (thumbs up)
5. Basil and rosemary with beef, rice, onion, garlic, carrots, ground coriander and kurma spices (thumbs up)

Item #5 was introduced after the stomach bug subsided, poor baby. OK then. Enough chit chat! Here are pictures of the girl, doing very big-girl things on her first birthday! As is tradition, Allie spent her mornings hanging out with Papa. They had to play indoors since it was a very rainy day:

[[image:allie301a.jpg:Whatchu looking at?:center:0]]

[[image:allie302a.jpg:New toy!:center:0]]

[[image:allie303a.jpg:Scaling Papa’s leg after breakfast:center:0]]

[[image:allie304a.jpg:Can’t I use my spoon to pay the toll?:center:0]]

And then there was more moving around the house:

[[image:allie305a.jpg:Another new toy!:center:0]]

[[image:allie306a.jpg:Crawling back from the back door:center:0]]

[[image:allie307a.jpg:Back on the stage with Gymini #1!:center:0]]

After a change of clothing, a snack and a nap, here she is again, now at Gymini #2:

[[image:allie308a.jpg:Sing, Tiger Ball! Sing!:center:0]]

[[image:allie309a.jpg:When we go to Malaysia, will I see palm trees Mama?:center:0]]

[[image:allie310a.jpg:Just resting my head while I play:center:0]]

[[image:allie311a.jpg:Deep thinking:center:0]]

And then she waited while her lunch was prepared:

[[image:allie314a.jpg:Geram! Nak makan!:center:0]]

[[image:allie315a.jpg:Is it ready yet?:center:0]]

[[image:allie316a.jpg:Aaaah, plums for dessert at lunch! What a nice treat:center:0]]

And then Allie had to kill time while Mama and Papa got ready for her birthday treat.

[[image:allie318a.jpg:Commando crawling on the tiles:center:0]]

[[image:allie317a.jpg:Thpt! This is taking so long!:center:0]]

[[image:allie320a.jpg:What is that?:center:0]]

[[image:allie319a.jpg:Come on, Mama! Let’s go, or come play with me!:center:0]]

Finally, we got everything packed up and went to the local Y where Allie….

[[image:allie322a.jpg:1,2,3, jump!!:center:0]]

…jumped into the pool!

[[image:allie323a.jpg:Swimming with Mama:center:0]]

[[image:allie321a.jpg:Lying on her back and kicking hard:center:0]]

After that we went home:

[[image:allie324a.jpg:Too exhausted to play with the New Toy:center:0]]

After a nap and some dinner, she was back in action:

[[image:allie325a.jpg:New toy, take 2:center:0]]

[[image:allie326a.jpg:Let’s walk:center:0]]

[[image:allie327a.jpg:Hi Mama!:center:0]]

*Note: Items marked “New Toy” are birthday presents for the big girl. 😉

After that, it was bath and bedtime for not-so-little girls. Even though it rained all day, I think Allie had a fun-filled day. We had to scrap the original plan of going to the park to play, and watching Papa play baseball, but the indoor activities kept her busy and plus she got to eat plums for dessert for both lunch and dinner! We decided against cake since the poor girl’s stomach was only finally recovered, but stay tuned for there will be cake. Eventually. Anyway, Happy 1st Birthday, baby!!! Love you!

And to close this entry, a word from our birthday girl:

[[image:allie313a.jpg:What does it mean to be 1?:center:0]]

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