The one with the birthday crepes

Two days after Allie’s first birthday was Vin’s birthday! And since it was his day, he got to pick what he wanted as his birthday treat and he chose crepes. This is my first attempt at making crepes, but I gave it a shot! But first, Allie takes a shot at Lily.

[[image:crepe01.jpg:Allie goes after Lily!:center:0]]

The recipe was obtained from here, (thanks Alton Brown), where I used his Sweet Crepes recipe. I substituted lime juice for the liqueur. After the dough rested for an hour, I commenced frying up the crepe. The first one was a bit sad – full of holes. More like Roti Jala than crepes…

[[image:crepe02.jpg:Holy crepe, Batman!:center:0]] 

[[image:crepe04.jpg:First crepe ended up a little over crispy too:center:0]] 

For filling, I made a dark chocolate sauce:

[[image:crepe03.jpg:Dark chocolate sauce:center:0]] 

Allie kept watch to make sure Mama didn’t make (m)any mistakes:

[[image:crepe06.jpg:You can do it, Mama!:center:0]] 

I thought the crepes improved as we progressed:

[[image:crepe05.jpg:Looking more like a proper crepe now!:center:0]] 

Finally it was time to eat:

[[image:crepe08.jpg:Mound o’ chocolate:center:0]] 

[[image:crepe09.jpg:Fold up, then drizzle with more chocolate sauce:center:0]] 

I know, the picture above does not have any chocolate drizzled over it, but I was too excited to eat it and therefore did not take a picture. Vin repurposed some of Allie’s fruit purees (mango and peach/nectarine) as crepe filling to mix in with the chocolate.

[[image:crepe10.jpg:Vin’s crepe:center:0]] 

And here is the birthday boy himself, as he eats his birthday crepes:

[[image:crepe07.jpg:Good Eats!:center:0]] 

Happy birthday, hon! Love you! I hope you had a great day!

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