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Today is the last day of Ramadhan and tomorrow is Aidilfilti.

We’ve just had our last sahur for the year and now the sun is slowly rising in the cool morning air of Irfan’s Tok Bah’s house here in the outskirts of Pasir Mas. We arrived here at noon yesterday, commandeering Irfan’s Atok’s car which he left with us before flying off to Ohio earlier this week. As you can see they’re having lots of fun (and awesome food) in the previous post.

We planned on beating the massive holiday traffic by leaving long before the terminator crosses our location, at 0300, or 0330 at the latest early Sunday morning. Unfortunately we woke up at after 0400 because of the amount of work done the previous day taxed us physically. (Damaged car tyre was switched with the spare and we assembled a new bookcase, which I hope will be left alone by termites this time.)

We left the house at 0500 to sahur at Lazeez, and made our move out of Kuala Lumpur just after 0530. We subuhed in Bentong.

Despite being two hours late leaving KL, traffic was relatively clear except for three points: Raub (where we turned back to take the alternative Sungai Koyan road), Kuala Krai (bottleneck at the main T-junction) and Tanah Merah (the worst jam ever). Ultimately we arrived at around 1300.

Not too bad considering the previous day Dijoe reported his sister’s family took more than 12 hours to make almost the same distance on the same route.

As usual, I’ve brought my tech stuff along including for the first time, the broadband modem. Sadly, although the text message auto reply from TMNet read there was service at Tok Bah’s house, the nearest Streamyx node was more than 5 klicks away. I couldn’t log on yesterday even with the hardware connected. Without broadband I feel deaf, dumb and blind. With dial-up I feel like I’m a bit better than that, but still enormously myopic and arthritic running on 12kbps. Will try again later today.

In other news, I’ve installed Ubuntu 6.06.1 Dapper Drake on Tok Bah’s computer and hope to learn more of this subgenus of Linux’s functions and tricks. I still can’t sue it to connect to the internet for example, but I haven’t been playing with it long. With the next paycheck, I might purchase a new internal hard disk drive for the machine back at the Tenth Floor so I would have room to install Ubuntu there as well.

Well, the sun is up now. Ain’s gone back to bed and Irfan’s still out cold since last night. I’ve written this on Word and will now reconnect on dial up to post it on the site.

Everyone enjoy the holidays. See you back in Kuala Lumpur in a week. New entries will be up whenever I have the chance to do it.

Eid Mubarak.

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