In a galaxy far, far away… Part I

After Yope, Yong, Emma, Irfan, Wan Ngah and Aji sent Abah and Mak to KLIA, they embarked on a long, arduous journey where finally they landed in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport.

Unfortunately, they arrived on a rainy night and due to traffic issues in the rain, Vin and I did not arrive at the airport right on time. Abah and Mak were waiting outside the terminal, and Abah was cold, so after a quick salam and kiss kiss, everyone piled into the car and we came home for dinner.

[[image:us02.jpg:Mak is helping to stir the stir fried veggies:center:0]]

[[image:us03.jpg:Hanging out in our kitchen – note the rosemary focaccia:center:0]]

[[image:us01.jpg:Abah showing off his chicken, Mak has a piece of focaccia:center:0]]

[[image:us04.jpg:First dinner at home with Abah and Mak:center:0]]

Some pictures that were taken in our house:

[[image:us05.jpg:Vin watering the plants in the library:center:0]]

[[image:us06.jpg:Picture of the house taken from the street:center:0]]

[[image:us07.jpg:Abah and Mak, behind is the back of our house:center:0]]

[[image:us09.jpg:Our house from the intersection of Gage and University:center:0]]

[[image:us10.jpg:Mak by the mums in the front flower bed:center:0]]

[[image:us016.jpg:Abah and his tripod in the house:center:0]]

Then this afternoon we took a short drive around Middletown to see the foliage:

[[image:us11.jpg:Miami University at Middletown campus in the fall:center:0]]

[[image:us08.jpg:Mak and Abah, dancing Hindustan Bollywood style:center:0]]

[[image:us17.jpg:Mak singing a Bollywood ballad to call to Abah:center:0]]

And in case anybody is worried if Mak and Abah are going hungry, we have some food pictures that we ate for buka puasa for the last few days:

[[image:us12.jpg:Abah and Mak, and some fresh bananas:center:0]]

[[image:us13.jpg:Appetizers at buka puasa, main course comes after Maghrib prayers:center:0]]

[[image:us14.jpg:Rendang Lamb:center:0]]

[[image:us15.jpg:Roast mixed veggies:center:0]]

[[image:us18.jpg:Pasta Carbonara:center:0]]

[[image:us19.jpg:Roast Chicken:center:0]]

We’ll be back after Raya! Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin and Eid Mubarak everybody!! 😀

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