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With the release of the Azamar RPG core rulebook so close, I was still assigned several more art orders for the interior of the book. As before, although they’re in colour here, the final product will have black and white interior pages.

Here are a pair of magic users, using magical energies augmented by their artifacts to fight it out.

Azamar Wizards' Duel

Azamar Wizards’ Duel

The Enfri’s colossal cetacean-shaped dirigibles are a sight to behold. I hope there will be a sourcebook – or at least, an article in D6 Magazine –  that will flesh out this vehicle more.

Azamar Enfri Airship

Azamar Enfri Airship

The Azamar RPG will be published by Wicked North Games in 2011. Click here for its current Kickstarter page.

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