The Paradise Fragment cover

Cover for Azamar: The Paradise Fragment

Apart from some interior art I did for Wicked North Games’ Azamar RPG supplement The Paradise Fragment – as seen in a previous post – I was also tasked with the painting of the cover for the book. It took me three different tries to get it right. The floating city of Adrya Orth proved a difficult factor in painting it because I tried putting the city and a couple of characters before it in an action pose. This caused characters to partially block the city. Finally I just put more characters in the picture but positioned them further away, and voila: For a closer look of the cover art, check out its entry at my DeviantArt gallery here.

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Right side partial inks

Azamar: Paradise Fragment 2

Here is the final interior artwork for the scenes in Azamar: The Paradise Fragment RPG supplement. Instead of including it with the group of artwork in the previous post, I shall describe how the illustration came into being using work-in-progress photos. First, pencils are made for the half-page sized illustration. Something stalks the characters as one of them pushes open the strange stone door from a previous picture, then a dragon swoops down. Is it attacking? Is it warning the characters of something? A close up on the partially inked artwork. Pencil lines are still visible with the inks – but you can’t really see it thanks to the blurred photo. A close up on the other half of the artwork. The details on the dragons are added using brushed ink. The image is scanned, then GIMP is used to add ziptone / newsprint shade effects to the final black […]

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The party... striking a pose of some kind

Azamar: Paradise Fragment 1

Here are some interior artwork for the Azamar role-playing game’s upcoming supplement The Paradise Fragment. Player Characters (PCs) are sent to the deserted and floating city of Adrya Orth on a mission and uncover a deadly secret. What is the secret? Don’t look at me I’m just the illustrator, not the writer. However, the publisher’s art order requested that a series of sequential artwork was created as if it was a comic and I had the discretion to direct the visual flow of the story if not the actual story. Let’s see how the game story ends up! Watch this space for the upcoming release of the publication soon! To be continued…

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Azamar cover

Azamar RPG Is Now On Sale!

The Azamar RPG Players’ Guide has been released by Wicked North Games and can now be purchased from several online sources. Here’s an excerpt from the Introduction chapter of the book: Exploring Azamar Azamar is a world where many worlds touch and overlap through Magic. Each world separated by a barrier the people of Azamar call a Fabric. The Fabric is not something most people can touch or understand. Most commonly used for referring to the Fabric between Azamar and the Blur, a world overlapped with Azamar where the inhabitants are immensely powerful and deadly magical beings known as Fiends. The Fiends serve a council of some kind referred to as the Fiend Lords. At any given time, ten Fiend Lords direct and govern the other Fiends in the Blur. While the Fabric is not tangible, the Blur-Touched or those who can perceive Magic may concentrate and see where damage […]

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It’s hunting… for a fire hydrant

Azamar: Owog

Owogs – feral, ferocious creatures that leaked through into Azamar from the Inferium and domesticated into tracking hounds by Orcs – are generally unpleasant little things. Also, keep an eye out for their Strength+18 bite and Strength+12 foreclaws. Because they frickin’ hurt. Artwork for Wicked North Games’ Azamar fantasy role-playing game.

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Guradiin Ithural v2

Revisions of Azamar

Here are revisions of several illustrations that was made for Wicked North Games’ Azamar RPG. Click here for a bigger image of this flaming skeletal monster on DeviantArt. Click here for a bigger image of a Shrave administering first aid to an injured Immyr. My first Azamar art redone! Click here for a bigger image of the Immyr city.

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Azamar Deities Part Three

Herein are two more illustration for Wicked North Games’ Azamar RPG. Syndia of the Cliffs, the Goddess of the Moon, the Enlightened One, the Shining Lady… enemy of the Ash Lord and the thwarter of Mo’s mischief. She vigilantly protects her charges on Azamar from otherworldly threats.   Balmaritch is the deity of truth behind illusion, with an abundance of disguises among others, clockwise from top left – Hanath the crone, Vankoln the warrior, Naalateth the magician, Marvanock the miser and Parkoxina the thief. (The final artwork has a few modifications done to it compared to this version.)  Click on the links to see Parts One and Two of the Azamar Deities illustrations.

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Shrave Archer

Azamar – Template Art Part One

Over the last couple of weeks I was working on and are now finished with the character template artwork for Wicked North Games’ Azamar RPG. The playable races of Azamar are numerous: Human, Urbane, Tre’uoall, Wyvine, Immyr, Enfri and Shrave. Here are four playable character templates, right here in this post:

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Azamar Deities Part Two

More powerful beings – reality-changing and inter-dimensional – that has made their mark on the world of Azamar. Mo is the deity of laughter, change, and trickery, and manifests in the form of a jester with a dazzling outfit of ever-changing colours – though he rarely ever manifests. Nooks and Crannies are factions of a powerful type of beings from a world which was devastated by a war between the factions. They have travelled to Azamar using their magicks and set themselves as deities, sowing chaos and demanding sacrifices and tributes from their followers. The war between Nooks and Crannies have now come to Azamar. Xujof is a deity also known as the grim, a deity of death, life, and the delicate balance between them, often referred to as the equilibrium. Xujof normally manifests as an elderly Human, typically wearing contemporary apparel, mingling quietly within the various societies of Azamar.

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Azamar Deities Part One

The Ash Lord, also known as the Eater of Souls, sends dark beings who manifest as Humans, who make deals to grant the wishes of others, who soon bargain to relinquish their souls in trade for these deals. Shilutozenon is the deity of nature and of the natural order and make attempts to repair and restore the natural order of Azamar. Sychorax is the deity of beauty, compassion, desire, and persuasion which manifests typically as a blazing ball of light. Xaraxamarath is the deity of creation and destruction, often worshipped by a small faction of wizards known as Conjurers, who devote themselves to understanding the magic of creation and destruction within Azamar.

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Azamar Sea View

Azamar – A View of the Sea

Here’s a damage seagoing vessel – anchored off an Azamar coast – undergoing repairs at dawn. What happened to it? What was it carrying? Who or what shot at it? Were there survivors? What repercussions would there be for characters that relied on this ship for transport or defence? What bearing did this event have on the legacy of the Fracturing in Azamar? Give the Azamar fantasy roleplaying game a try when it’s released later this year, and create your own storylines with your friends as you run the game! This interior artwork was created for Wicked North Games with a black and white printing in mind. The colours are an afterthought for this blog.

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Azamar Melee WIP04

Azamar – Melee Skirmish

Here’s a quarter page interior illustration for Wicked North Games of a Tre’uoall ranger versus an Orc warrior fighting on a hill slope and drawing blood… which should be in black and white in the final Azamar RPG core rule book. Additionally, I will also show you step-by-step how I made the dish above. First, heat some cooking in the pot. Add some chopped up onions into the oil and allow it to heat. Then add some chopped-up bell peppers cut into the pot. Chop up some eggplants and add them into the pot. Stir so the eggplants are covered with oil and make sure they do not burn up. When the eggplants have softened, add some chopped-up zucchini into the pot. Chop some garlic, tomatoes and minced thyme and add them to the pot. Stir evenly for 2 minutes. Reduce the heat and cover the pot. Allow it to […]

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