Back to School in 2011

Also, the first post of 2011.


This year, Irfan began his proper Islamic classes; three hours in the morning, ending about two and a hours before regular afternoon school starts. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be for him. He appeared to like going to the new school, and several of his regular school friends are there. But that seems to be the way of things normally anyway. Here in Pandan Indah, he has more friends and acquaintances than his parents considering the number of other students he socialises with at school.


He calmly underwent the short interview with the headmaster – a friendly fellow – who asked him some questions to see in which class he would be placed.


The following day, upon dropping him off we saw him immediately lining up with his class for morning assembly. He appeared to be one of the tallest kid in the school, based on the photo above.


Going back a day, it took quite a while to look for his new class in regular school. It was also raining heavily that afternoon, which drenched the throngs of parents and students who all came to pay school fees on the first day of school.


Irfan discovered that some of his good friends from his previous class was also present. He was quite happy when we left him at school.

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