The Layout Goes South

I’ve been trying to code the CSS file for the weblog all morning. I woke up and thought, how nice it would be if the site was optimised to a width of 1024 pixels.

So I tinkered. And after altering and jury-rigging a bit of code here and a snippet of script there in the CSS file, I have arrived at a temporary solution before I needed to stop working on it.

Here’s how it looks like using three different browser types on a 1200px by 800px screen:



Safari 3.1

Safari 3.1

and finally... Internet Explorer 7.0 (sigh)

and finally… Internet Explorer 7.0 (sigh)

The left column is still there. It’s just overlaid by the centre column. I shall return to fix this for IE users.

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Khairul Hisham J. is a tabletop RPG artist, writer, proofreader, translator, teacher, grad student and learner-in-general.

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