Way Past Its Prime

[[image:compy001.jpg:Old Reliable:left:0]] Fracking great. I get back from vacation, boot up the computer and connect to the internet…. and after 10 minutes the computer crashes. I can’t reboot the computer. Ubuntu hands during the startup sequence. I try booting up an Ubuntu Live CD and it crashes. I try both Kubuntu and Knoppix and they crash. The nice people at […]

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Optimus Prime desktop

I’ve Transformed My Wallpaper

So today I made a brand new desktop wallpaper, which I think looks great. Click on the thumbnail over there to the left to view it in its entirety. I’m wondering about that glyph etched into the metal above his eye. This is where I got the original image, which is substantially larger than what is seen on my desktop.

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Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu Adventures: Survivors of the KDE Desktop

Last time I wrote about the Linuxification of the home PC, I mentioned that I turned my Ubuntu into Kubuntu by installing the KDE desktop. It turns out I prefer the old GNOME desktop and the Nautilus file browser more, so with the command line in Terminal, sudo aptitude remove kde-desktop and POOF! A KDE holocaust. Lots of K thingamajigs […]

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Irfan on the new desktop

A New Playgound (On the Computer Desktop)

After I vowed to install Linux into this here home computer some time last October, this machine is now 100% Linux. The 100% part was because my old two hundred year old Windows installer CD had reached the end of its days and I needed an operating system quick. Why didn’t I retain the old Windows XP already installed in […]

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Hishgraphics on Ubuntu

Two Views Of The Same Page

Because I’ve using Firefox on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS to surf the net, here are two different looks of this website’s index page. I have no preference on which is better looking, but apart from the fonts, there really isn’t much difference, thanks to Ubuntu not being able to display the Trebuchet MS font. The original screen resolution is 1200 x […]

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Hishgraphics H

Another Hari Raya, Another OS

Last Aidilfitri two months ago, I was trying to install Ubuntu into the Kelantan desktop belonging to Ain’s parents. Although the installation was a success I didn’t get very far with it since I couldn’t access the internet with it to download and install more software packages with it. (Translation: I just used it to play Mahjong,) It’s now Aidiladha […]

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sudo apt-get install linux joke

Before the Deepavali-Aidilfitri vacation I had zero experience working with a Linux machine. Some time fiddling about with Ubuntu in Pasir Mas changed that. (Not by much, but some.) I wouldn’t have understood this joke before three weeks ago, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it. When I saw this one on RPG.net it really cracked me up. […]

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