Web Series: The Drama Aquatic – Season One

Once upon a time, Irfan cared for a fish. It lived with us for quite sometime before expiring. We never had another fish tank after Comeli the fighting fish, until recently. Irfan got a couple of decorative fishes from our neighbour. One thing led to another, and we now have an aquarium in the house.

So I did the thing I knew I should do upon faced with such an aquarium: Make a 10-episode web microseries and upload it on YouTube.

Presenting the first season of the web series The Drama Aquatic, directed, shot, edited and produced by me.

Will there be a second season? I have no idea as I completed and uploaded this whole thing from 6 PM until midnight not an hour ago. It would have been completed sooner if I had thought to insert captions as subtitles onto the videos themselves. I have no idea what spurred me on to do this, but I found myself unable to stop making them until they were all done.

Enjoy this stupid thing:

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