D6 Magazine: Issue Two Artwork

I have been illustrating for an article for a new issue of the D6 Magazine. This hilarious entry by Mike Fraley, entitled “Graiv’s Magical Curiosities”, is a marketing drive by the eponymous business owner trying to sell off some strange and unconventional magical artefacts that seem utterly useless at first glance. Would you purchase…

I can't wait for someone to use this on their armpits

The Great Razor

Using the razor would cause an inhumanly quick hair growth where blade touches the skin.

Be vewy, vewy quiet

The Oversensitive Torch

The flame from this torch cannot be easily doused by water… but human voice will cause it to go out.

Mike thinks this is some sort of marriage counselling program

The Pacifist Dagger

This dagger will slice through everything except living matter.

Just nice for the Blue Man Group

The Blue Ring and other stuff

The Blue Ring just turns the wearer’s skin blue. Also depicted here are the Trackless Shoes, the Ever Empty Tankard, the Nevertied Rope and the Compass of Impeding Doom. Read about these magical gear and more in the upcoming issue of D6 Magazine.

Click here to download the previous issue.

Check out my cover to issue one here.

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