Robot on a dead world

Esoteric Underground Cover

Several months ago, Chris Mennell requested a cover are for his new RPG zine entitled Esoteric Underground. I tried to finish it as soon as I could, but it was still a slog to get through because of day job workload. Needless to say, I was late in submitting the piece. Recently, Chris unveiled Esoteric Underground #1 with layouts by Beau Sheldon. The zine is a “zine collecting information about upcoming and current tabletop roleplaying games in that are on the fringes. ” Here is my cover art. Click on the image to expand it. Where is this robot? What is it looking for? Why are there huge sarcophagi in the background? What are the blue crystals in the strange rock formations behind the stele? You may download Esoteric Underground #1 for free from itch dot io here.

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Some sort of Incal panel, I'm told

Star Frontiers: Balneum Blue

Last year I illustrated some pictures for Balneum Blue, an article for Star Frontiers RPG. And after more than a year it’s finally released in the pages (and the cover) of Star Frontiersman magazine issue 25! Here’s the cover I did, of some gigantic floating aquatic jellyfish creatures called the hydrozoan. The planet known as Balneum Blue has an intelligent native species called the Gnatha that live in biotech coral cities. All the image above needs is a map of all the train stops. Download Star Frontiersman #25 for free to read more about the planet here. Check out the other images I made for the article in my gallery.

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Pistol with bayonet

Balneum Blue: Gnatha Weapons

I drew some aquatic biotech ranged weapons for a project for Star Frontiersman magazine. These are biotech gear created by an alien species called the Gnatha. These are not merely tools, but they are living, breathing organisms! These creatures can swim on their own accord, while the Gnatha use them to throw deadly projectiles at enemies. Presumably the Gnatha created these living weapons  by genetically altering and splicing together different species of octopus, jellyfish, molluscs and even corals.

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What could have caused this?

D6 Magazine 5: The Space Opera Issue

The community driven D6 Magazine issue 5 has been released by Wicked North Games. This is the space opera issue with lots of space-based scenarios and stats for the Open D6 game system. Six pieces of artwork were commissioned from me for two articles. The first three are used for the scenario Outpost 1717, a sci-fi horror adventure written by Peter Schweighofer. Click on the thumbnail above for a larger view of the space scene.   The second three are for Brett Pisinski’s Hard Times for the Talisman article. These are NPC portraits based on Drew Moss’ character designs that can be seen on the cover of this issue!   Download D6 Magazine at DriveThruRPG at this link for free! D6 Space can be found here, also a free download.

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He wears a red cap

D6 Magazine: Two Monsters

Two final images commissioned for the latest D6 Magazine issue featured two entries below are the Redcap and the Springheeled Jack and lots of spilled blood. Springheeled Jack Download the zine from DrivethruRPG to read about them, complete with OpenD6 stats!

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D6 Magazine #3 cover

D6 Magazine Issue 3: An Interview

D6 Magazine – the online fanzine for Open D6 role-playing game material – has released issue #3! The horror issue has a variety of articles and scenarios, including vampires, a hell hound, a redcap goblin and Spring-heeled Jack. There’s also a simple Sanity System for running D6 horror adventures. The eerie, underwater Cinema6 adventure “Down Below” written by J. Elliot Streeter brings the zine to a close. You might remember my artwork created for the adventure in this previous blog entry. But it also has a bonus four-page interview with me by Peter Robbins, interrogating me about my past, present and future in artwork and illustrations, as well as role-playing games! Here’s an excerpt: Q: When did you decide, “Hey, I could make money doing this? Sure, let’s roll in that dough!” And what were your emotions when this decision came into fruition in your life? A: When I ran […]

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I want a Peanuts strip reboot with this guy as Snoopy, pretty please?

D6 Magazine: Hellhound

The Halloween issue of D6 Magazine will be a bit late, but here’s a late commission from the publishers! I’m not in the loop as to which article this illustration is slated to be in, but I guess said article has a Hellhound in it! And it seems to be somewhat agitated.

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Benthic what?

D6 Magazine: Down Below Redux

So, anyway… under the sea, I take it that it’s better down where it’s wetter; and also where they devote full time to floating. However, the sturgeon and the ray do not get the urge and start to play in the adventure Down Below in the upcoming Halloween issue of D6 Magazine! Gamemasters and players of OpenD6 system of role-playing games take note! Something horrific is awaiting players who will have to eventually board the deep sea station in the illustration I did: For the previous illustrations I did for the adventure and hints to what players will encounter in Down Below, please click here to view them in a previous blog post.

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Worst shaving accident ever

D6 Magazine: Down Below

Halloween, being a permanent fixture to the month of October, has inspired the upcoming issue of D6 Magazine to have horror-themed articles. The third issue of the online magazine continues to deliver articles, adventures and interviews for the Open D6 gaming community. Here is a sneak peek to illustrations I did for a horror adventure set deep under the sea, entitled Down Below. Yes! That’s a baby dumbo octopus in the bottom illustration there. Watch out for the third issue of D6 Magazine due to be released at the end of the month.

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Mike thinks this is some sort of marriage counselling program

D6 Magazine: Issue Two Artwork

I have been illustrating for an article for a new issue of the D6 Magazine. This hilarious entry by Mike Fraley, entitled “Graiv’s Magical Curiosities”, is a marketing drive by the eponymous business owner trying to sell off some strange and unconventional magical artefacts that seem utterly useless at first glance. Would you purchase… Using the razor would cause an inhumanly quick hair growth where blade touches the skin. The flame from this torch cannot be easily doused by water… but human voice will cause it to go out. This dagger will slice through everything except living matter. The Blue Ring just turns the wearer’s skin blue. Also depicted here are the Trackless Shoes, the Ever Empty Tankard, the Nevertied Rope and the Compass of Impeding Doom. Read about these magical gear and more in the upcoming issue of D6 Magazine. Click here to download the previous issue. Check out […]

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D6 Magazine - Abyssian Hunter

D6 Magazine Released

Remember the cover I did a couple of posts ago? After months of work, finally the debut issue of D6 Magazine has finally been released into the wild. Apart from the aforementioned cover, I also helped the writers produce three interior artwork for it. For the article “Crack of the Whip” by Michael Fraley, here’s a whip-wielding woman in old-timey flightsuit and helmet… but with a one cyborg leg! How many ways can one use a whip using D6 rules? Read the article to find out. I was commissioned by J. Elliot Streeter for his Cinema6 scenario “Asphyxia”, where a spaceborne predator stalks the corridors of a sleeper ship. The following is the beast which is named Abyssian Hunter. Here’s the unnamed sleeper ship with many cryogenic modules arrayed like stacks of containers. Will you, as the players, survive the scenario? Pickup a bunch of six-sided dice and have fun […]

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D6 Magazine

Have You Punched A Dinosaur Today?

You don’t have to punch one, really. You could also fly to with a jet pack and slug its jaw with a hammer. Or perhaps you could stop punching dinosaurs and started hugging them. HAVE YOU HUGGED A DINOSAUR TODAY? Here’s the artwork for the cover of D6 Magazine, from the OpenD6 roleplaying community. I’ve played variations of the D6 system since 1989 and I can’t recommend it enough. The actual magazine should be released within this next week. Click here for a larger image.

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Crashed Y-wing

Old Blue Harvest Fanzine Art

When I was studying overseas back in the early 90s… very early 90s… I became acquainted by snail-mail to one Mary Jo Fox who was, with her friend James Addams, the publishers of the Star Wars fanzine Blue Harvest which ran for 21 “episodes”, another fine way of saying “issues”. They had a plethora of articles that you can read from, such as an interview with Michael Stackpole and A New Hope Special Edition review from way back when the EU was cooling down from its initial Big Bang. Although it ran for years, I only provided art for the fanzine in its early days, mostly for its back cover right below the “Next Episode On Blue Harvest” blurb they usually have there. Here are two of the black and white artwork that were featured in the magazines: 1993… man, that was a long time ago. These pieces were scanned […]

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