D6 Stats of a Star Wars Hat

From Season 2, Episode 17: “Bounty Hunters” of Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes Embo the Bounty Hunter, a male Kyuzo. His signature gear is his wide-brimmed, armoured hat, which he’s able to use as a shield when turned into incoming blaster bolts. Also, he is able to throw the hat to strike a target which then returns to him like Captain America’s shield.

Here is my OpenD6 stats for Embo’s Hat.


Starring in The Adventures of Embo's Hat


Type: Awesome Frisbee-Shield Hat
Skill: Melee parry (shield against ranged weapons) / Thrown weapons (for throwing attack)
Difficulty: Easy (to shield), Difficult (to throw)
Damage Resistance: 5D
Thrown damage: STR + 1D

  • Returning weapon: When throwing, upon Wild Die of 6, you automatically retrieve the returning hat. Else, you need to roll a second Moderate Thrown Weapons skill to grab it in mid-air if nothing stops it from returning back to the user.
  • Shield: Use Damage Resistance code above against both physical and energy attacks. When user the hat is being used as a shield, user is totally blind. Also, if the user is running, the attacker could still use a Called Shot to hit user’s legs.
  • Heavy item: +10 to difficulty to both melee parry and thrown weapons rolls if user’s Strength is 3D+1 and below.
When Embo throws his mi-i-ighty shield hat

Embo’s hat attack

I can’t wait for the spin-off show Clone Wars: The Adventures of Embo’s Hat.

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