Spider Monkey

D6: Spider Monkey Stats

Spider Monkey: D6 Stats Spider Monkey Type: Tree-swinging monkey DEX 5D Dodge: 6D+2 Throw: poo 6D PER 2D STR 1D+2 Brawl: bite attack 5D Climb/jump: 7D Move:10 (on ground) / 15 (on trees) Special abilities: Bite attack: STR+1D Damage Poo flinging: On hit, roll target’s willpower against Moderate difficulty. Failure causes a round of barfing, plus immobilized for that round. The next round, the target is considered wounded. The third round, the target is automatically back to normal unwounded health state. I wrote these stats for a spider monkey as a joke in The Rancor Pit forums back in 2004, a year before this blog was created. Since I have never reproduced them elsewhere, I thought I should have them here for posterity’s sake. The image is from Wikipedia. Will anyone ever use these stats? Who knows.

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Look for wormsign

Wandrella – With Stats!

From the first ever Star Wars original novel, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye by Alan Dean Foster, is the giant worm known as wandrella. It was visually defined by Chris Sprouse in the Dark Horse Comic adaptation mini-series. There is a link to the D6 stats below, and comparable (more or less) FFG stats are displayed beneath it. Why would you not want your player characters face a giant slimy albino worm that could burst out of the ground or a dark, dank cave during their adventures? D6 Stats Click here to view FFG Stats Wandrella [Rival] Brawn 5 Agility 1 Cunning 2 Intellect 1 Presence 2 Willpower 2 Skills: Brawl 2, Perception 2, Survival 1 Talents: None Soak/Defense: 6/0 Wound Threshold: 25 Abilities Silhouette: 3 Attack Bite: Brawl, Damage 6, Crit 3, Range [Engaged], Sunder. (If 5 Advantages are generated then the prey being bitten is swallowed whole.) Note: […]

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Barri – With Stats!

Like the space slug, the barri is another beast that lives in vacuum. A barri breaks down asteroids using its acid secretions with its mouth and absorb its nutrients. It can also propel itself by expelling gaseous waste underneath its quadridactyl base. (Yes. It farts though space between asteroids.) Being semi-sapient, it can form telepathic bonds with spacers allowing them permission to hitch intersystem rides on the hull of starships. It can also bestow instinctive astrogation figures to their mind-bonded spacers, giving them faster, better routes through hyperspace. The creature first appeared in West End Games’s Creature of the Galaxy in 1994. Its write-up and D6 stats can be found at pages 12-14. I have converted them (more or less) to Fantasy Flight Games’ Edge of the Empire RPG system here. Because the central theme of Edge of the Empire is spacers making a living in the galaxy, the barri would be […]

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Miridon – with Stats!

I owe this blog a Miridon stats entry. Miridon is a sea monster that appeared in the Droids animated series. Miridon This big aquatic carnivorous reptile was seen swimming in the oceans of Tarnoonga used by pirates to dispose of unwanted guests, and also trying to eat said pirates who were not really smart to begin with. It spends its time in rocky caverns and crevices underwater Some miridon might have been transported to other planets in the galaxy. Some might have been released into the wild where a community of them might thrive. Some PCs might be crazy enough to try petting them while scuba diving. The stats below allow for an adult creature to leap out of the sea and bite on passing light starfighters or light freighters. Star Wars D6 Miridon, carnivorous marine reptile Scale: Starfighter Length: 25 meters. DEXTERITY 3D Bite 3D+2 Swimming 5D+1 Tentacle grab […]

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Blixus – With Stats!

Among the many entertaining obstacles you could use as challenges for players of the Star Wars RPG are creatures. Defeating a critter is a natural Star Wars storytelling element, as can be seen in the movies. A host of new and original creatures had been created in the Star Wars The Clone Wars animated series, such as mastiff phalones, skalders, rupings and gutkurrs. Most have not had official roleplaying stats to them for gamemasters to use. However, here are my home-made stats of the blixus, a cephalopod with huge, flailing tentacles, a crab-like shell and and a ravenous maw as it appeared in the fourth season episode “Kidnapped”. A fun fact: the blixus first appeared in the Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars The Clone Wars #2 “Slave Traders of Zygerria” written by Henry Gilroy. This story arc was adapted into the three-episode Zygerrian slavers arc of which “Kidnapped” was the […]

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Slugshark – With Stats!

When Irfan showed me this clay creature he created, I thought I’d take a photo of it and make up some stats for it. Star Wars D6 Slugshark, Amphibious reptilian predator Scale: Character Length: 150-200cm. DEXTERITY 2D Brawl 3D+2 Constrict 3D+1 PERCEPTION 2D+1 Sneak (only when swimming) 4D STRENGTH 2D Swimming 4D+2 Special: Bite attack damage: 3D Constrict damage: 1D increments per round (Round 1: 1D, round 2: 2D, etc) Horn attack damage: Strength+1 Move: 10 (swim) / 8 (slither) Star Wars Edge of the Empire Slugshark [Minion] Brawn 2 Agility 2 Cunning 1 Intellect 1 Presence 1 Willpower 1 Skill: Brawl 1, Coordination 1, Stealth 1 Talents: None Soak/Defense: 1/1 Threshold: Wound 12 Abilities: Difficulty to see swimming slugshark Hard (♦ ♦ ♦ ) Silhouette: 1 Equipment: Horns (Brawl, Damage 4, Crit 4, Range [Engaged]) Teeth (Brawl, Damage 5, Crit 4, Range [Engaged]) Constrict (Coordination, Damage 1 and +1 […]

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D6 Stats of a Star Wars Hat

From Season 2, Episode 17: “Bounty Hunters” of Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes Embo the Bounty Hunter, a male Kyuzo. His signature gear is his wide-brimmed, armoured hat, which he’s able to use as a shield when turned into incoming blaster bolts. Also, he is able to throw the hat to strike a target which then returns to him like Captain America’s shield. Here is my OpenD6 stats for Embo’s Hat. EMBO’S HAT Gear: EMBO’S HAT Type: Awesome Frisbee-Shield Hat Skill: Melee parry (shield against ranged weapons) / Thrown weapons (for throwing attack) Difficulty: Easy (to shield), Difficult (to throw) Damage Resistance: 5D Thrown damage: STR + 1D Note: Returning weapon: When throwing, upon Wild Die of 6, you automatically retrieve the returning hat. Else, you need to roll a second Moderate Thrown Weapons skill to grab it in mid-air if nothing stops it from returning back to the […]

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This rock is cooking

Even The Exhibits Mooned Me (With D6 Stats)

Muzium Negara focuses primarily on the cultural history of this magical fantasy realm currently known to the world as “Malaysia”, although some natural history of the land is touched upon. Outside, we were greeted by a number of old train exhibits. In other words, there were more trains here than any one time I’m at the LRT station waiting for a train to arrive. Irfan poses by the Inscription Stone of Terengganu, unearthed at Kuala Berang at the turn of the 20th century. 700 years old, it’s evidence that Islam thrived in that region at the early 14th century. This guy is from my old neighbourhood – The Perak Man. How old is this guy? Take our current year: 9391 Before Guild. Go back about 2000 years we arrive at the dawn of the Common Era at 11391 B.G. Between then and now, we’ve had the Roman Empire, the Dark […]

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Arakyd Diamondback

Arakyd Diamondback Droid Stats

It was during the Enteague Sector campaign for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game which I GMed perhaps fifteen years ago. A new team of the Strikeforce Enteague, consisting of younger members, had to investigate the Malc Toldreyn Library on the planet Neeuderni to solve the campaign mystery arc of why an Imperial Admiral (no names here, cause in retrospect the NPC naming convention I used at around this time sucked) wanted Ham Slacker the tongue-tied engineer dead. Naturally, the Imperials attacked during the investigation. Radio communications on and around the planet was jammed. It turned out that the Imps had deployed a Diamondback droid which is designed to jam planetary and interplanetary communications. The group borrowed the local defence forces’ CloakShape fighters to attack the droid, which had its own defences in the form of anti-fighter cannons. I’ve rewritten down the D6 stats slightly modified from my original pencil notes […]

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