Hawaii Day 7 – Lazy Day at the hotel

Day 7 dawned beautiful and sunny. We decided to have ourselves a lazy day. I believe there was some post-breakfast napping, some reading on the lanai (balcony). We can see this statue from the lanai:

[[image:hi85.jpg:Meditating Buddha:center:0]]

In the afternoon, we decided to veg out by the pool with our books. It was a little bit cloudy so the water seemed a little too cold so we didn’t do too much swimming. Here’s what some of the grounds of the hotel looked like:


[[image:hi87.jpg:Bridge over the lagoon:center:0]]

[[image:hi88.jpg:Hammock by a coconut tree:center:0]]

[[image:hi89.jpg:Sea turtles sign!:center:0]]

[[image:hi90.jpg:The Ocean Tower from the other side of the lagoon:center:0]]

The sea turtles sign – we’ll talk more about sea turtles in the next entry on Hawaii (Day 8).

Here’s some of the view of the ocean:

[[image:hi91.jpg:See? It’s cloudy:center:0]]

[[image:hi92.jpg:But still quite beautiful:center:0]]

We walked by the Dolphin Quest while they were doing their routine, and some kids had signed up (and paid good money) to be in the water with the dolphins. For free, I got some cool photos though:

[[image:hi93.jpg:Dolphin Quest program:center:0]]

[[image:hi94.jpg:Pair swimming:center:0]]

[[image:hi95.jpg:Solo dolphin:center:0]]

They swam, and jumped, and chittered, it was amazing. I got some video of them jumping which I will try to share at some later date. 😉

Here are some pictures of the cool big pool:

[[image:hi96.jpg:Pool area:center:0]]

[[image:hi97.jpg:Rope bridge over a section of the pool:center:0]]

[[image:hi98.jpg:Waterfall in the pool:center:0]]

[[image:hi99.jpg:Another waterfall:center:0]]

We woke up to this view, photostitched:

[[image:hi_st20.jpg:Hilton Waikoloa Village – view from our balcony:center:0]]

It was an uneventful day. We ate at the hotel restaurants rather than venturing out. It was nice and lazy, exactly what we needed. I finished reading a book and sat by the pool. Did not add to my sunburn since it was cloudy. To end, here’s a final photostitching of the ocean, and I’ll see you all later.

[[image:hi_st21.jpg:Ocean view in Waikoloa:center:0]]

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