Shepherd’s Pie

For some reason today I’m a bit rajin to write and publish entries on the blog. Must be the prospect of the 3-day weekend coming up! Woohoooo!

I’m a bit backlogged, but here’s a quick review of Shepherd’s Pie which I made earlier this year.

First, cook the beef and tomato mixture on the stovetop (with peas, and other veggies too). Make sure you cook it in an oven-safe pan.

[[image:sh-pie1.jpg:Meat mixture bubbling on the stovetop:center:0]]

Make some mashed potato (this I made from scratch), spread it over the meat mixture, and pop it in the oven until the potatoes are crusty and a bit golden brown:

[[image:sh-pie2.jpg:Baked shepherd’s pie:center:0]]

Then you can section it off and serve:

[[image:sh-pie3.jpg:Pretty slice:center:0]]

It’s not really too pretty because the slice didn’t stay together too nicely when I lifted it off the pan. Seen here, it’s served with Buttermilk Bread (which I’ll get back to eventually as part of a future bread blog).


[[image:sh-pie5.jpg:Close up:center:0]]

This was really an attempt to get to know Vin’s English background, this dish. He was quite happy with it. 😀

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