On To The Far Side Of The Planet

Tok and Opah Irfan boarded the flight that would take them to Singapore, then hopskip to Tokyo, Chicago and finally Cincinnati where Ayah Cik and Cik Dik would be waiting to bring them to their house in Middletown, OH for a month at the United States. This would be their second time in the US.

To prevent being late for the flight because of breaking of fast, we left after 6 PM from the Tenth Floor, headed for Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) which is strangely enough a million light years away from KL, but maybe that’s a subject for another entry.

We broke sawm driving through Putrajaya and ate dinner after Mahgrib prayers at the Dengkil R&R on the PLUS Highway. And no, I didn’t need to pick my teeth en route.

Anyway… pictures, as they say, are worth a thousand words:

[[image:kliasendoff01.jpg:Irfan recharging for his high energy expenditure later:center:0]]

[[image:kliasendoff02.jpg:After checking in:center:0]]

[[image:kliasendoff03.jpg:Tok and Irfan posing for a photo:center:0]]

[[image:kliasendoff04.jpg:Commandeering the luggage trolley:center:0]]

[[image:kliasendoff05.jpg:Everyone but Pak Ngah Aji who had to use the bathroom:center:0]]

[[image:kliasendoff06.jpg:Taking a breather at the seats near the “L” counters:center:0]]

[[image:kliasendoff07.jpg:Tok and Opah head off into the International Departure gates:center:0]]

They should be in Sila’s good hands now.

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