Into the Second Week of Ramadhan

It’s now the second week of Ramadhan.

If anyone asks (and you’d know the answer to this if you’ve asked me) it’s been more tiring than it’s been hungry. The myth that you’re wiped out and floored by the hunger was totally dispelled when I was fourteen and playing hockey in the mornings during fasting month. And again, when I was seventeen and whacking tennis balls against the wall after school at 3 PM in the hot sun – though I was wiped out after that.

However, this year I find out I can barely stay awake after 10 PM. I wonder if it’s because of the job I’m working now. I’ve already missed 2 nights of Tarawih & Witir prayers. I remember less than 10 years ago completing a full month of them at the mosque, even.

And this year, for Aidilfitri, Tok & Opah Irfan will be in Ohio spending time with Sila & Vin. It wouldn’t be a stretch to expect some pictures of them with Irfan’s Ayah Cik and Cik Dik on this weblog in the next couple of months.

Happy Ramadhan, everybody.

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