Irfan Meets Cousin Zara

Zara Arissa, sister of Aiman, arrived 12 days before 2013 did, so we took a trip to visit the young one at Pasir Mas. Unlike her brother we couldn’t be there to greet her at the hospital because of distance. When we arrived, she was sleeping soundly and safely swaddled.

Hello baby

Zara arrives

The cousins played with Lego cars that is now available in Shell stations. Zara however, was still unaware of the existence of Legos.

Can I play with the boys?

Irfan and Aiman across from baby

She’s awake!

It is I, Zara Arissa

Eyes open

Obviously, she’s nonplussed by the sudden increase in house occupants.

As opposed to anteplussed or pseudoplussed

I am nonplussed

Irfan, just like with Aiman and Yaya, tried to be the best older cousin that he could be.

Can she already play with Lego?


Meanwhile outside, it was a little wet because of a rainfall after a warm and dry day when we arrived. The plantain and longan were probably grateful of this fact.

The fruits are edible

Longan tree very pretty

The next day, as the cousins played louder and more vigorously inside, the skies opened up.

It's what happens in the tropics


This led to Irfan having fun with tadpoles around his grandparents’ place the day he was to return home to Kuala Lumpur.

Wading Wilson

A wading boy

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