Paper Mini Fringers of Asok Yeesrim

Back in October 2009, I wrote about Asok the SWAGger who turned me into a Rodian Carbineer.

I thought Asok’s artwork was clean and concise enough to be turned into paper minis. So I went down to his deviantArt gallery where many fantastic pieces reside to pick 12 artwork to be turned into paper minis. Most of the ones I collected could be considered fringers.

There was a spacer, a pirate, some smugglers, pilots and gearheads. I gathered them up and put them into a printable paper mini PDF set. I sent a copy to Asok, and a few hours later – from the other side of the planet – this photo appeared:

Meanwhile, deep within the recesses of Davis, CA

Ryan’s artwork

Download the pdf for free here:

Download Asok’s fringers from Google Drive here!

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