Paper Minis: Mos Eisley Aliens

Mos Eisley Aliens

“Excuse me sirs. But we have reports that you’re illegally holding Kitik Keed’kak against his will in your storage bay.”

This batch of Star Wars RPG paper minis are aliens (designed by either Stuart Freeborn’s or Rick Baker’s team) for the Mos Eisley Cantina sequence in the first Star Wars movie. These guys were actually at the sound stage as masks. Here are 10 of the unique aliens to be used as spacers, fringers, bureaucrats, mooks or even innocent bystanders.

Hanging out in the control room

“Let’s just open the roof hatch and air out the docking bay. I’m sure this smuggler ship wont take off without permission.”

This batch includes the Advozse, Brizzit, Givin, Gotal, Morseerian, Nimbanel, Sakiyan, Siniteen, Snivvian and Yam’rii. And yeah, alien species like Brizzit and Yam’rii are rarely found in other Star Wars literature. We need game and character generation stats for these babies.

Mong the species that did not make the cut on this file were Lutrillian, H’nemthe and Vuvrian.

Traffic control personnel

“Just let the dodgy-looking light freighter with the shifty-sounding captain land. I’m sure it’s not carrying anything illegal.”

The spaceport control office has two astromech droids to aid them in their close orbit and airspace operations. Enjoy!

Fringer Class of '51

Various alien species found in Mos Eisley in A New Hope

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