Paperminis: Phase II Clone Troopers

How many troops is a clone platoon anyway?

How many troops is a clone platoon anyway?

I thought I would get the ubiquitous Republic clone troopers from the Clone Wars out of the way before we get swept up by Rogue One fever in the coming months.



These are just standard Phase II armour without any armour decorations. There are ten clone troopers and two clone commanders on the PDF. Everyone has one DC-15 blaster. Here is what you can do: Customise these troopers! Decorate it yourself with coloured markers, and write their name in the box.

Now we're customised

Now we’re customised

Go to town on them with a Sharpie.

Now you will have customisable clone trooper paper miniatures for your Star Wars RPG campaign set in the Clone Wars! More clone trooper variants to come in the future!

Click here to download the free PDF file for printing and assembling.

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