Passing On A Meme (or Yikes! I’ve Been Tagged!!)

Thanks to Lilian over at iFantabulous, I’ve been tagged. So here’s I am letting the meme pass through me, allowing the idea to propagate and converting it into the text on this page that you’re reading. So here goes:

Where I was 10 years ago
Working in Terengganu. 5 days on, 5 days off. On my days off I saw movie masterpieces (yeah, right!) such as Mortal Kombat and Power Rangers the Movie. Nowadays I’m more picky about the quality of the movies I watch. For example, earlier this year I saw Resident Evil: Apocalypse.


Where I was 5 years ago
Getting married to the greatest wife ever.

Where I was 1 year ago
I stopped working for a book publisher and went freelancing. It was a chilling thought then. And it still is a chilling thought now.

Where I was yesterday
Giving my “European Renaissance” powerpoint presentation in my Islamic Studies class at the University. Apart from that it was mostly playing with Irfan.

Where I am today
At home. Tweaking my old forgotten websites so they direct traffic to

Where I will be tomorrow
At home working, doing the same thing. Perhaps, drawing stuff for my gallery (with which I’ll market my skills as a freelance illustrator) or for the new book (stories and layout are completed in my mind, just haven’t had the time to put them on paper yet, digital or otherwise.)

Five snacks I enjoy
I’m not much of a snack muncher as my wife will testify. However I will automatically bite on, chew and swallow anything fed to me as I do other things, such as watch TV or browse the internet.

Five singers (or bands) for whom I know the lyrics to most of their songs
– Sting
– Stone Temple Pilots
– Elvis Presley
– Beatles
– REO Speedwagon

Five things I would do with $100,000,000
– Build a mosque at a kampung in need of it somewhere.
– Set aside money for children’s education
– Pay my debts and those of my closest family
– Buy a major bookstore and use it as my own private playground
– Use some of it to really give Hishgraphics a boost where a lot of money is needed, e.g.: Sendirian Berhad (Private Limited), Advertising, Marketing, publishing and international distribution

Five locations I would like to run away to
– The Scottish Highlands
– The Grand Canyon
– Antartica (fully equipped, of course)
– Any deserted island in the South Pacific
– Star’s Hollow (too bad it’s just a movie set)

Five bad habits I have
– procrastination (who doesn’t have that?)
– no proper planning of university work
– drink cold water out of the bottles in the fridge without using glasses.
– I get really mad at bad drivers on the road, sometimes turning myself into them
– I get the strong urge to purge my bowels when anxious (it’s true!)

Five things I like doing
– reading
– drawing or painting
– writing (inclusive of blogging)
– discovering and learning new things
– traveling (including long distance driving. Driving in the city sucks though)

Five TV shows I like
Battlestar Galactica (the fantastic Ronald D. Moore-remake)
– The two Stargates (SG-1 and Atlantis)
Justice League Unlimited
If Firefly wasn’t cancelled I’d include it in the list.

Five famous people I’d like to meet
– JRR Tolkien
– Neil Gaiman
– Wil Wheaton (I’d probably play GURPS with him)
– Mark Hamill
– John Williams

My biggest joys
– My family
– My close friends (off-line and on-line)
– Illustrating and painting
– Reading and watching stories
– Gaming (face-to-face pen and paper, not computer)

My favourite toys
– My trusty computer. It’s old, it’s dusty, but it has served me well.
– My RPG books. The well-written ones have high rereadability quotient.
– All my Star Wars figures, all stowed away safely in a box.
– My Wacom Graphire3 tablet. It opened up new horizons for me in digital illustration.
– My swiss army knife Sila bought me, oh I dunno… 10 years ago?

Five people to tag
– Gary at Freelance Father
– Chris at CCDO
– Caleb at Full Throttle
– Martin at BREM Experience
– Simon at the Jorri-Blog
– Jay at Mind of a Male Nerd Slut

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