Perth – Part 1

Just a short entry on our arrival in Australia. We arrived in the late afternoon in Perth, and my best friend Mei picked us up from the airport. We stuffed the luggage and ourselves into the mini (Note: Vin fits quite nicely into a mini cooper!) and headed to Mei and Colin’s place. We settled in, and then met up with Eu-Jene, Indra, Colin and some of Mei’s work friends for drinks and then dinner at EJ’s favorite restaurant: Uncle Billy’s.

[[image:oz04.jpg:Vin, EJ and me:center:0]]

[[image:oz01.jpg:Vin and Colin:center:0]]

[[image:oz02.jpg:Mei and EJ:center:0]]

[[image:oz03.jpg:EJ and his (then) future bride Indra:center:0]]

As you can see, Vin and I are looking a little rough – we’d flown from the US to KL just a couple of days ago, then another 6 hours on the plane to Perth. Whew! We needed a nap after our dinner. Tune in later for more adventures in Perth!

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