Salvage Ops Card Art

Here are a series of artwork for Salvage Ops card game by DWD Studios. Players play members from four space salvage corporations. Here are five of the gear in space derelicts that the players could grab for points during the game, and two of the hazard card artwork that might thwart your operations!

Purchase the game, which is now available at GameCrafters!

No relation to Felicia Day

Cybergenetic Codex

No relation to the Constructicon gestalt bot

Devastator Cannon

I am under the impression that this folds space

Jump Gate Generator

For your energy generation needs

Multifusion Reactor

Yes, that is a Top Secret movie quote right there

Polylingual Decoder

Some sort of extraterrestrial bad guy

Hazard: Alien

Kill all meatbags

Hazard: Robot


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