Satay Kajang with Jen and Mike

After 10 years of being friends with Sila – and working with her even now – Jen Laaback visits Malaysia for the first time after vacationing for almost two weeks on a boat up in Thailand. Upon arriving at Kuala Lumpur, Jen, Mike and the rest of the company were accosted by Hisham and family who shanghaied them into having dinner at Samuri’s Satay Kajang which was located in Kajang, away from the throngs of other vacationeers and tourists, foreign and domestic.

[[image:satay-with-jen-mike01.jpg:The gang at Samuri’s satay place:center:0]]

Three points: They loved the load of tripe that was served, so more tripeloads next time; Irfan was shy and spoke little though he played with his Ultraman and dragon toy with the gang; and Jen figured out the old family joke with the signposts that begin with “Sila”, like “Sila beratur!” and “Sila diam!”

[[image:satay-with-jen-mike02.jpg:Mike took this picture:center:0]]

We hope you guys enjoyed your brief stay in Kuala Lumpur (including 90 minutes in Kajang). Next time, hopefully you’ll have dinner at our house.

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