Stuck in the Jam: A Matter of Taste

Whee! A webcomic!

Based on a true story, even.

Which happened earlier today.

A Matter of Taste

A Matter of Taste

Director’s Commentary mode on (since most of the text is in Malay):

Normanis isn’t a standard Malay-Muslim name. I’m guessing it’s an allusion to names beginning with “Nor” (or “Nur“) which is Arabic for “light”. Suddenly there’s a Malay word there “manis” which means “Sweet”. Therefore Normanis is literally Sweet Light. Of course, I’m assuming it’s a female name since I’ve never heard it before.

To square off the quip, “tawar” for the conjectural husband and “pahit” for the eventual daughter respectively means “tasteless” and “bitter”.

I have nothing against your name Normanis, whoever you are. But thanks for being the subject of a side-splitting off-the-cuff joke while we were stuck in a traffic jam which will no doubt be lost on readers of this entry, and I have only one excuse for all of you:

“You had to be there.”

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  1. Man, that’s classic! It’s so funny I peed my pants. Oh….wait….I don’t speak Malay….nevermind

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