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Twelve Years Ago…

Ain and I were married. Today, we woke up extra early to pick up Abang G from the bus station. Ain had applied for a day’s leave. Then we sent Irfan to Al-Huda school as Abang G rested at home. Then we watched the season premiere of The Walking Dead before heading back to retrieve Irfan from Al-Huda. We got lunch for everyone. I did a bit of work. Then we sent Irfan to his Primary School, and immediately sent Abang G to a hotel in PJ where he would be attending a course throughout the week. Then, en route home, we went to Open University head office to pick up documents for my EPF education withdrawal. Upon reaching home, we rested for a while before we had to go pick up Irfan from school. Then we had scant time to get him dinner before we had to send him […]

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Like maybe building a rocket, Or fighting a mummy

Here’s To A Decade

Ten years ago today, there was an aqad ceremony where Ain and I were wed. Here we are 10 years later, together and eating chicken at Kenny Rogers Roasters after so many trials and much struggle. The dinner was courtesy of Emma. It was a great dinner. Thanks, Cik Ma! I can still remember the anxiety and distress almost 2 years later, when embryonic Irfan did not move for hours and we rushed to hospital in panic to check up on him. Here he is still with us now 8 years later. I love the pasta salad. I should have told the waitress to give me pasta salad for all three of the side dishes. This was Ain’s. Unless it’s Emma’s. But it’s certainly not Irfan’s. Another dead bird about to be devoured. Happy anniversary to us. Here’s to another 10 years and more!

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Interesting concept. Burgers as finger food

Year Nine Celebratory Dinner

Here we are at Year Nine. That means it’s been a year since this blog entry, which is Year Eight. Instead of relaxing at home, or both of us forgetting about it (which has happened before believe you me) Irfan and I went to pick up Ain after work and headed to Midvalley Megamall for an anniversary dinner. We decided on eating at Secret Recipe. I had no complaints because MPH was right beside us. The smell of books always gives me a good appetite. One more year before we reach the decade-mark!

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Irfan’s Parents: Year Eight Together

Twelve years ago Ain & I met. Four years later, we got married. Strangely enough this year we remembered our anniversary. As opposed to being reminded by Atok Irfan when he wishes us happy anniversary at night. Happy eighth anniversary, Ain. May we still have each other’s backs and make each other laugh for as long as we live. (And maybe some time after as well) Earlier tonight we celebrated with a dinner outside, compliments of Emma: [[image:anniversary2008_00.jpg:Shane… it’s your T-shirt!:center:0]] [[image:anniversary2008_01.jpg:This time we have Irfan in between:center:0]] [[image:anniversary2008_02.jpg:Are these guys twins or what?:center:0]]  [[image:anniversary2008_03.jpg:Gesturing for some reason at the camera:center:0]]  Now it’s back to getting Irfan to do his homework…

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Our Seventh Year

[[image:7thanniversary.jpg:Seven Years Already?:center:0]] It’s been seven years since Ain and I were married, more than eleven years since we met. Through all that time, there’s been a lot of ups and a lot of downs. And I’m glad I went through it all with Ain giving me strength at my side and I’m looking forward to more years like that.

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The Sixth Year

It’s been six years since Ain & I were married. More than 10 years since we first met. Overall it’s been a great six years. It wasn’t a perfect six years. It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster for this and that reasons. But I’m still in love with her as much as the days before we were married, and I feel some measure of pride over the life we’ve built. For that I am very grateful to the Almighty for His joys, including the one known as Irfan Shafiq. There is probably many more years of riding this rollercoaster, but I hope we’ve learnt much and matured enough to allow us to determine what’s important in life, endure the ride and make the right decisions. [[image:anniv2006.jpg:Happy Sixth Anniversary To Us:center:0]]

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5 years ago

5 Years Ago…

… Ain & I got married. Last night, after Irfan slept early and we left him in the care of his Cik Emma, Ain & I went to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith at GCS Midvalley (where they’re replaying the summer blockbusters for half price), got something to eat in a doggie bag, went home to eat it, and then I gave her the wedding anniversary card I bought earlier. It’s been a great 5 years, with hopefully more to come.

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