Year Nine Celebratory Dinner

Here we are at Year Nine. That means it’s been a year since this blog entry, which is Year Eight.

Instead of relaxing at home, or both of us forgetting about it (which has happened before believe you me) Irfan and I went to pick up Ain after work and headed to Midvalley Megamall for an anniversary dinner.

We decided on eating at Secret Recipe. I had no complaints because MPH was right beside us. The smell of books always gives me a good appetite.

Irfan takes a photo

I’m not smiling because I was preoccupied with the cameraboy’s jerky hand movements as he snapped pictures

More like, SACRE BLEU!

Ain orders the chicken cordon bleu with cheese filling. I preyed on the onions, naturally

Movie Dory was a regal blue, not an actual dory

My pan-fried dory with mushroom sauce and carrots and cauliflower

Interesting concept. Burgers as finger food

Irfan shows off off his “Kids Burgers” with alphabet fries. However, there weren’t enough letters to spell his name


One last photo is taken of the crew before we wrapped up and departed for the third floor where Surrogates awaited

One more year before we reach the decade-mark!

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  1. happy anniversary yope & yong!!!! semoga bahagia ke anak cucu and onwards, and blessed always with love.

    love you guys!

    what could irfan spell with the fries? and also, no dessert???

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