Issue 89 is here

TeeKay-421 Comp Copy

Today I received a pair of complementary copies of a magazine. Issue 89 of Teekay-421, the official Belgian Star Wars fan club magazine, sports my cover art of Sabine Wren rolling some dice in front of a faux-Edge of the Empire gamemaster screen! The magazine itself is fully printed in Belgian Dutch, so I am unable to read it. Even so, it does look like it has a lot of great features that I would enjoy reading. The theme of the issue is Mandalorians, so the magazine features write-ups of Mandalorians in canon and Legends; even their vehicles and in-universe art! Of course The Mandalorian TV series starring Pedro Pascal and run by Jon Favreau is featured prominently. Someday I might even write about the show on this blog. There are reviews of the latest Star Wars novels, books, comics and games throughout the magazine, making it an important resource […]

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A bunch of awesome digest-sized books!

A Package from DwD Studios

Copies of roleplaying game books arrived today from DwD Studios, sent by Bill Logan! As has been documented on the blog before, I’ve played BareBones Fantasy with Irfan the first time here, then during International TableTop Day here and finally here when he experienced his first player character (PC) death. The boy also gamemastered (GM) his first ever RPG with BareBones Fantasy last year! I’m hoping he’ll hone his GMing skills some more with the easy to play BareBones d00% lite system, and eventually play some contemporary spies in Covert Ops.This will help him develop his oratory, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Thanks, Bill! I will do just that!

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Westward cover and dice

Westward Comp Copy!

A package arrived the other day… … from Brett Pisinski of Wicked North Games. It be the complimentary copy of Westward RPG! Westward is a game of steampunk western game setting  on an human-colonized extrasolar planet after the colony ship Chrysalis drifted for decades and came to rest here. Using the Cinema 6 system, players and gamemasters play and create adventures around humans whose ancestors were marooned on the planet Westward centuries ago. Lack of conventional power generation has created new technology that uses exotic local minerals and steam to build airships and steam-powered mech. Politics of the cities and settlements make for great conflict for players to embroil themselves in. And backstabbing politics, feral humans, deadly alien creatures and lethal hazards await adventurers in the waterless badlands of Westward. Also in the package is a handy GM screen. The image below is something I’d never thought would happen. On […]

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Fresh off its envelope

Comp Copy Number 1

The complimentary copy came in the mail today, the first RPG book in which I had a hand in creating: Future Player’s Companion published by The Game Mechanics and Green Ronin Publishing. Thanks to Gary again for recommending me for this gig and everyone at TGM (Stan!, Marc and JD) for giving me a chance illustrating part of the book. The feeling of holding the book in hand and flipping through the pages is great, although going through my artwork in the book I would like to say the first batch of pictures for the first PDF I drew looks embarrassingly bad. The final batch, even with its shortcomings, are the ones I’m satisfied with. If you want to read the book you could come over to my house for a read, or you could buy it from the Green Ronin site, or you could download a freebie chapter (756kb […]

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