Front cover of the Moleskine

Beacon in the Dark

I received a package this morning. Chris, an old friend from Sitiawan who now resides in Belfast, sent it. It was a Moleskine notebook for Irfan, which looked great. Furthermore, it was a limited edition Gundam cover Moleskine! I am grateful for the gift. So is Irfan, needless to say. But what is more dear to my heart are the notes he wrote for Irfan and I. I had been uncertain whether my friendship with a lot of my old friends at school mattered. Sure there were some that says hi every now and again on text chat or on social media. But for the longest time, I wondered if I did right with the friends whom I ran Star Wars RPGs (and sometimes ShadowRun) for, the ones who hung out with me discussing books, movies and music, and spent their free time obliging this eager nerd with his nerd […]

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Aww.. It’s NOT Made of Mole Skin

I’ve always bought sketchbooks they sell around here, but they’re difficult to bring about and open for a quick sketch. Also, they don’t have a lot of pages to draw. Last week, the awesome fellows over at GOKL got me an outstanding present for my birthday: this Moleskine sketchbook for impromptu sketching which Ivan passed to me when this event was transpiring. It looked so nice and pristine that I put off drawing in it to avoid sullying it with my scratchings, but I finally drew Clark a few nights ago. Thanks for the present, guys.

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