Madam Butterfly

This Summer’s Opera Report

Unlike last year, this summer we did not purchase season tickets to the Cincinnati Opera. Not because we didn’t want to go to the opera or anything, but since opera season is during the summer, and since the baby might be presenting his/herself right smack during the opera season, we decided to play it by ear. As it was, I had to convince Vin that if we went to the opera in June, we would STILL make it to the hospital if I went into labor. ūüėČ We went to see Madame Butterfly in mid-June. It was gorgeous, and beautifully performed, and at the end I cried and cried (of course). No sign of labor. ūüėõ We had seen a performance of it with Mei and Colin in England (community theater version) and so we were familiar with the story and the music. But this performance, done by professionals, really […]

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Another Opera!

Quick update! So after the disastrous Nixon in China opera, we went to the final opera of the Cincinnati Opera 2007 season, Aida by Giuseppe Verdi. [[image:2webbill_performance.jpg:Aida Graphic, borrowed from the Cincinnati Opera website:center:0]] It was really, really good! The singers were amazing, the sets were huge and fantastic, and Vin and I were very happy with the entire experience. I must get us some opera glasses before next year’s season! See you next year, Cincinnati Opera! ūüôā * I have to say I LOVE all of the graphics they used for the operas, especially the Aida one. Gorgeous, no?

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