Jungle Encounter Table

Encounters in a Remote Kampung

As you travel deep into the South East Asian tropical jungle to where remote kampungs stand, you realise that this is no walk in the woods. The tropical jungle is thick. Thicker than you thought possible. Huge trees larger than life, themselves teeming with additional lives, block your path. Between them were the tropical undergrowth. Dozens of types with dozens of sizes. Thorns. Toxins. They hide deadly – or at the very least somewhat disagreeable – fauna from your sight while they are within arm’s reach. You travel across a river, wading into the waist-high water. The cool water should be a relief. But you know that it hides even more perils. One unfortunate misstep and you might find yourself bleeding to death. Kampung Terrain Random Encounter Table Here are two Random Encounter Tables for you if your character is travelling to a remote kampung. The first table gives you […]

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