30th April 2021 Goblinization Day

Today is Goblinization Day

According to the Shadowrun RPG, today, 30th April 2021, is Goblinization Day. This is when 10% of all humanity physically transforms from humans into orks and trolls throwing the world into further turmoil. Goblinization is not to be confused with UGE, where in 2011 people who were pregnant began giving birth to elves and dwarves worldwide. Not to mention, magical creatures and actual magic begin to manifest and exist. During the days of Shadowrun 2nd edition, I made some notes with regards to a Shadowrun setting in Malaysia, 2053. If I recall correctly, I ran a session or two for Awie, Jee Meng and their cadre of friends. Here is part of the notes for my Shadowrun Malaysia campaign that did not take off.   By the way, I wrote the notes above by hand back in 1994, twenty-seven years ago. I should run this campaign now!

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