Year Three

Deconstruction of Falling Stars

It was the year of fire, The year of destruction, The year we took back what was ours. It was the year of rebirth, The year of great sadness, The year of pain, And a year of joy. It was a new age. It was the end of history. It was the year everything changed. The year is 2261. The […]

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Garth, Imra and Rokk

They Come From The 31st Century

Every year since season 4 of Smallville, I used to check out the first few episodes to see if it grabbed me. But the novelty was gone, and even the inclusion of Kara Zor-El in season 7 wasn’t enough to sustain my attention. Season 8 however is a whole new ball game. I’ve not missed a single episode. Inclusion of […]

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Diedrich Bader Takes Over The Cowl

There is a new Batman animated series in town, and since I’m still not back from lunch and I agree with every word written by Shane about it, I’ll just hand over the microphone to him: [[image:braveandthebold01.jpg:Ollie and Bruce:right:0]]Sherman, set the wayback machine to circa 1985, and a 4 year old Shane is taken to a local department store. Now, […]

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Where Do These T-888 Infiltrators Go To Eat?

These different models of Tee-Triple Eight infiltrators below: they’re a different series of endoskeletons from the T-800 and the T-850 (model 101) from the Terminator movies.  [[image:t-888_01.jpg:Bunch of Metals:center:0]] I might have found the exact place where they all go to eat out. [[image:t-888_02.jpg::center:0]]  … which is right around the corner in Pandan Cahaya.

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Fighting Evil So You Wont Have To

The Middleman is the funniest show on TV right now… if you’re a geek like me.[[image:middlepics00.jpg:Watch it on ABC Family (only one more episode left… Monday night):right:0]] But I’ll get to that in a minute. Created by former scribe of Jake 2.0 and Lost, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, The Middleman reveals to us that there is one Middleman in existence in the […]

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They’re Really Just Form Five Schoolkids

For a single glorious moment in time, the song Diamond Crevasse, as sung by May Nakabayashi the singing voice of Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier, became the most heartbreaking song in the whole universe. Thrice I’ve seen the ending of episode 20 and thrice I teared up… though it might just be the damn conjunctivitis. [[image:diamondcrevasse01.jpg:The galactic fairy:center:0]] There’s so […]

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Out On The Frontier… With Giant Robots

[[image:macross_frontier02.jpg:VF-25 Valkyrie:center:0]]I wrote earlier about the continuation of the Robotech saga with the Shadow Chronicles. Robotech is actually three different anime series juryrigged and tweaked so they become a (more or less) coherent whole to be syndicated on the American market. However, the first of the three, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross is a saga still being told in its […]

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All This Has Happened Before

[[image:bsgs4_00.jpg:Bill and Saul:left:0]]This is it. This is the home stretch. For the humans on the brink of extinction and traveling across the stars looking for a new home in Battlestar Galactica, the end is near. As viewers, we have arrived at the fourth and final season’s mid-season break. 10 more episodes before it’s all over. Will it be a happy […]

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Scott Bernard of 21st Mars Division

And The SDF-3 Is Still Missing

Robotech Defense / Expeditionary Force is back in force in the form of the direct-to-DVD movie Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. And this time, they’re continuing directly from the Robotech The New Generation (the third chapter of the series that was derived from the Japanese standalone series Genesis Climber MOSPEADA) episode “Symphony of Light”. In fact the first 20 minutes or […]

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No Fate But What Josh Friedman Makes

We last saw the saga of Skynet’s time travelling cyborg creation in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Well, you can forget about all that cause showrunner Josh Friedman’s tossed most of the third movie out the window (or is now alternate universe version of the Terminator millieux). I remember hearing about the announcement of the upcoming TV series Terminator: […]

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Carpooling Has Its Rewards

[[image:carpoolers.jpg:SHERRI!!!!!:left:0]]Sila has introduced me to the best new sitcom this year. It’s called Carpoolers. Every episode knocks me out cold laughing. Marmaduke is the best character ever. “Dasher? That’s a stupid name. My name’s Marmaduke” And I can never ever listen to Air Supply’s All Out Of Love again without breaking into a laugh. Ever.

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Irfan’s Political Affiliation….

[[popup:voteofnathan01.jpg:(thumbnail)::left:1]]… is not really known from this photo of him, because we really have no idea which party Nathan Petrelli belongs to. But hey if you want a good quality in a congressman, why not settle one with the ability of flight, no? Not to mention a brother who can absorb and retain powers of other supers.

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Irfan Wants To Be A Doctor…

[[image:who01.jpg:Who’s being displayed onscreen here?:center:0]]… but it’s not that kind of doctor. Now, when he’s got shampoo in his hair, he fancies himself as the Gallifreyan Time Lord, known as the Doctor from BBC’s Doctor Who series. Specifically he wants to be the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant. He keeps going on and on about travelling about in a […]

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Galactica & Pegasus Standoff (anyone with the full instruments willing to give this a shot?)

Straight From The Bear’s Mouth

Bear McCreary has become my favourite composer for soundtracks. I love what he did throughout Battlestar Galactica. The music isn’t a traditional symphonic orchestral score, although it is in some places. I can’t quite categorize listening to the score as a whole. It has string quartet, Japanese tako drums, Armenian duduk, bagpipes, gamelan, erhu…. a hodge-podge of traditional instruments being […]

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