At the former mechatronic engineering school

Invigilation at Semester’s End

It has been awhile since I invigilated an exam, as my own course is 100% coursework. No exams. I am a bit rusty at this. But this can only mean one thing: the end of the semester is nigh. And that means another thing: a whole lot more of grading, filing and planning for the next semester.

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Hisham at his office for the first time

Hi New New New Office

Back in January I wrote a post when we had to vacate my old new new office. After a few weeks of slowly bringing my stuff in, I am now using my new new new office for the first time. The a/c works well. All the lights too. I requested the help of the building’s cleaning staff to sweep and wipe dirt and droppings of the local fauna. Although I was alone here today, it felt somewhat comfortable. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be bringing in more stuff from the old office, most of which are now stored beside the dining table at home. Click on the picture below to expand it. However, a dire question arises. How do I run RPG sessions here if I do not have any chairs for visitors?

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Moving office: Jasin and I

Bye Old New New Office

Once upon a time I moved into this office. Now it was time for me to move out. It took a while to take out my personal effects. I had a lot of books and notes in here. Today as I was clearing out the last of my books, Jasin was also in the building managing the transfer of materiel from this building to our new location closer to town. We had a mock award ceremony with a bookend. What else could we do? Hope the new place is good.

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FTK1 and FTK12 together again for the first time

First Face-to-Face Class Since March 2020

The last time I taught a class face-to-face in a classroom was March 2020. It is now November 2022, almost three years later. In the interim, I have had the Remote Teaching tag for all the online teaching posts in my blog. I cannot believe it had been so long. It was good to meet students face-to-face in class. For the longest time, I thought perhaps the students were all AGIs designed to fool teachers into thinking students existed (just kidding, my students reading this!) Click on the image below to expand it. We are still in blended teaching mode, so only 50% face-to-face. Most of the classroom teaching are weighted towards the end of the semester. But it is a start!

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Ain trying her hand out at woodball

A Woodball Weekend

And so it came to pass that my former student Aidil invited Ain and I to play woodball at the university’s woodball field. With Irfan away at college, we thought it would be a great way to pass the time and learn new things. Apparently woodball is big at the university. The game feels like a mixture of golf and croquet. The video will tell the story better than words would. So, here is the video. Thanks to Aidil and the Woodball Club for the invitation.

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Hishgraphics H

Edumacation. Make it Happen.

One thing about looking for rezeki in Malaysia at my age, it’s difficult to do so without at least an undergraduate degree or a diploma, and I have neither. Although I have experience in some fields, I don’t have any official certificate telling potential employers that it’s worth paying me whatever amount of money a month to do whatever job. I’ve had potential employers tell me during job interviews that I have the skills they need but they’re unable to hire me because I had no degree. Some HR requirement standards or some such. I have tried to obtain one before, but it was in a field that I should have taken when I was younger and had no work and family commitments to think about. So I’m back in the game, pursuing another type of degree. One which I believe is better suited for me at my age, which […]

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