The one with the (second) first birthday party

So two weeks (and a day) after Adik’s first birthday we had a small gathering of friends and neighbors at our home, to celebrate Adik’s birthday (again!).

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday03.jpg:Another party! Yay!:center:0]]

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It sure is much harder to prepare to get anything completed on time with two little kids running around, but we did our best. Thanks to our guests for their patience in waiting for the food to be served and the festivities to commence.

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday01.jpg:The group:center:0]]

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday02.jpg:Yaya getting tips from Natalie, a real artist:center:0]]

Finally food is served and it is time for cake! Thanks to Natalie for taking these photos while Vin and I ran around being party hosts. Unfortunately, it did mean that we didn’t get very many photos of Natalie herself.

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday04.jpg:Yaya can’t wait to blow out the candle, while Adik wants to get his hands on the cake:center:0]]

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday05.jpg:Happy after swiping the cake!:center:0]]

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday06.jpg:Yaya helps to blow out the candle while Adik is fascinated:center:0]]

Looking at these photos really makes me think that older siblings have it made. Yaya got to blow her own candles out (in July) as well as Adik’s! Yaya was just as excited about this party for Adik as she was for her own party. Huh! And then it was time for presents!

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday07.jpg:Adik is surrounded and confused:center:0]]

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday08.jpg:Yaya helps Adik unwrap presents:center:0]]

In the above, Adik is playing with more art supplies for Yaya. Seriously! Being the older sibling really is beneficial! Yaya also received presents from the guests, even though it was not her birthday! I don’t remember ever getting a gift because it was my (older) brother’s birthday. Double huh!!

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday09.jpg:Yaya shows Adik his new toys:center:0]]

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday10.jpg:Toys! Toys! Toys! What to play with first?:center:0]]

Yes, Yaya chose to wear a dress that is quite quite small. It fit her when she was 2. But she was adamant that that was the party dress she was wearing. So. 🙂

Tina helps put these new shoes on Adik. His first pair of shoes!

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday11.jpg:What? It goes on my foot?:center:0]]

Meanwhile the Graeter’s ice cream cake was sliced and served. And here’s Adik asking Tina for a bite of cake:

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday12.jpg:”More” “Want” “More”:center:0]]

Adik did have a few bites of the cake (off my plate). He seemed to like it OK.


All in all, it was a fun time! Thanks again to everyone who came and brought cards and gifts, even for Yaya! Adik of course enjoyed the wrapping paper perhaps more than the toys themselves, but that is par for the course. Because he is not zero anymore! He is one! Again, thanks to everyone who attended our little get together as well as called, emailed, sent cards and gifts. You guys are the best! Adik is happy with his haul, and so is Yaya! Happy birthday Adik! He totally had fun with everyone who came.

[[image:2013_rafe1stbday14.jpg:Thanks for coming to my party, everyone!:center:0]]

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