Jinta the Nikto

Simon Taylor – A Terrific Artist

Simon Taylor is a friend of mine from Manchester, UK. We share (and mix together) the common interests of art, role-playing games and Star Wars. His skills as an artist is head over heels better than mine. Here are three samples of his coloured artwork. The first is a Dungeons and Dragons character. The other two are Star Wars. Fantastic stuff.

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Tales from the Duck Side

Remember the time when you were a little child and whenever you need to cross the road, an adult would have to lead you? Did you think you were safe? I have here undeniable proof that it can well be dangerous to be led across the road by an adult.

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View from the balcony

Haze of February 2005

Kuala Lumpur, and most of Malaysia in fact, were wreaked by this local regular event known as the haze. Caused by rampant jungle blazes from local and / or neighbourly sources, these sudden drop in visibility and sudden rise in respiratory problems can be somewhat infuriating. The dark skies over on the left side of the second image was a tell-tale sign of rainfall. But that was what it turned out to be: just a sign. It drizzled a bit about ten klicks away in PJ. Blech.

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Austin, Pangkor

Pangkor Island

As teenagers, my schoolbuds and I liked very much going on camping trips to the beaches and sometimes the islands near our hometown of Sitiawan. The most famous tourist spot is the Island of Pangkor, which according to lore translates as Island in Siamese. So what I was saying in effect was the Island of “Island” but let’s not go into that. This group of pictures documents the last time ever a bunch of us had the time to actually take an impromptu trip from the port of Lumut to Pangkor, and spent a great day there at Coral Beach. Someday I hope we’ll be able to do it again, albeit this time, with our wives and children.

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Cover art

The Net.Guide to Spleens

About 2 years ago, I wrote an e-book on a whim along with lots of help from Ryan Lee and Gabriel Johnson. It was called the Net.Guide to Spleens and it can be used with both the D6 and the d20 versions of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. Download it here from Google Drive and have fun using it in your campaign, or just reading the stupid stuff I came up with. Artwork I drew for the supplement

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Pivot 1.0..

If you can read this, Pivot is working.. Yay! Addendum July 6 2008. This seems to be lifetimes ago. Addendum September 20 2018. This seems a thousand lifetimes ago. (We’re now migrated from Pivot to WordPress.)

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