What Happened at the Coral Reef?

[[image:evagoestothebeach-cover.jpg:Well, she does!:left:0]]I wrote, dedicated and presented this book to baby Eva – currently less than half a year old – at the gathering last week. I hope some day Mei & Andrew will be able to read to Eva, and she will wonder what a crazy nut Uncle Hisham is for writing this book.

Eva Goes to the Beach is now on sale on Lulu.com.

It’s a perfect book to vex 4-8 year old young ‘uns with a simple storyline involving a trip to the beach, a swim around the coral reef, an undead shark and ice cream.

I asked earlier what happens to the little girl who was diving at the coral reef?

Check out the following image for a continuing image, and click here to purchase Eva Goes to the Beach at Lulu.com.

Believe it or not, the book has a happy ending!

[[image:eva-page-07.jpg:ZOMBIE SHARK!!!:center:0]]

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