Working in the 21st Century

Der office

Der office

You know what I like best about working with the technological resources we have now?

It’s the interconnectivity and flexibility, as well as the sheer amount of things you can make at home or at the office where before you had to outsource to another company. E-mail, instant messaging, direct file transfers, VOIP… they’re all indispensable tools for any type of work. With a notebook and a wireless connection, you have your files and all the knowledge in the world (well, not quite) at the tip of your hands.

Yesterday, I wasn’t in the office. I was at home. But I was talking to at least 4 other people at work via Skype and cellular phone on speaker mode. Out of the 5 people involved only two of us were in the same room. Even with telephones, I can NOT see this happening in a company with a small setup like ours if this was ten years ago.

Last month we were in a conference call with a person from Denmark via VOIP for software application training.

And yeah, I’m pretty much aware of the fact that young punks who will read this ten years from now (if this blog still exists) would be laughing at how crippled we are with our tools compared to what they would have in the future.

Unless they’re all technologically reverted back to the stone age… by natural or unnatural means.

In which case we’re all pretty much screwed.

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