Yaya loses a Tooth!

Yaya lost her first baby tooth today! June 18, 2015. She is a little over a month shy of her seventh birthday!

[[image:2015-yayagigi_jun2015-04.jpg:Buh-bye tooth!:center:0]]

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So the wiggly tooth that has been wiggling for months has finally fallen out. Yaya’s permanent tooth has already sprouted (and quite advanced too!) behind the line of milk teeth (see photo in this entry from the dentist visit).

There was even a slight drama two days ago when Yaya bumped her face while playing and the tooth just bled for a little while. Slight fat lip that went away pretty quickly. The drama came when it was time to eat dinner. The blood in the food and drink, that was a huge problem as it turned out. There were tears, cajoles, threats, and negotiations in order to finally get her to drink milk using a straw cup. That was her dinner. No food passed through those lips. Luckily yesterday was better and she figured out a strategy to eat without touching the (now-dried) bloody area. But anyway, all was well. And the tooth was super extra wiggly!

And when Yaya woke up this morning, her tooth fell out right into her hand! Whee!

So now, here we are at bedtime with stuff for the tooth fairy.

[[image:2015-yayagigi_jun2015-01.jpg:Can’t really even see the gap in her teeth at this angle:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yayagigi_jun2015-03.jpg:There’s the gap, and look, 2 permanent incisors behind the baby ones!:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yayagigi_jun2015-05.jpg:Stuff for the tooth fairy, origami envelope with note and baggie of loose tooth:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yayagigi_jun2015-06.jpg:A nice note with her request:center:0]]

I did try to convince her that the tooth fairy’s standard was a bowl of noodles under her pillow but she didn’t buy it.

[[image:2015-yayagigi_jun2015-07.jpg:Lovely origami envelope faintly addressed to the Tooth Fairy:center:0]]

We stuffed the note and the baggie with loose tooth into the envelope and placed it under her pillow. The next morning, Yaya found a bright shiny Sacagawea dollar coin. Luckily inflation hasn’t caught up to the blue house ;-).

[[image:2015-yayagigi_jun2015-02.jpg:Here’s my big girl!:center:0]]

Also, Ramadan Mubarak and Selamat Berpuasa to all on this first day of Ramadan! 🙂

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