73 Months

73 months old now! Please don’t mind the belatedness (and backdated-ness) of the entry.

[[image:2014-yaya73month-04.jpg:Happy Yaya!:center:0]]

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August was a quiet month again – I worked from home the entire time and there was very little drama, etc. We did have Yaya’s birthday party (10 August) so that was definitely fun. A small affair with neighbors and family. Many of the pictures from this month will be related to the party and the presents that came for Yaya from near and far (what a lucky little girl). Also we went to an Eid gathering which was super fun.

Let’s get to the usual monthly roundup. Food status: some more progress:
* lemonade (from the farmer’s market)
* lemonade (made at home – judged to be inferior to farmer’s market lemonade as I am apparently stingy with the sugar syrup)
* 14 slices of carrot in one evening (not a first for carrots, but it is a repeat and she kept eating it so I figure it should be counted)
* honey (finger tasted)

Reading status: same as last month, but we still persevere. It is time to get more organized with regard to the homeschooling and whatnot. Whee!

Let’s get to the pictures. We begin with Yaya’s birthday party photos:

[[image:2014-yaya73month-11.jpg:Cake time!:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya73month-01.jpg:Blowing out the candle!:center:0]]

And no, she did not have any cake. Bah! So she then got to open her presents:

[[image:2014-yaya73month-02.jpg:Wrapper matches the birthday girl’s outfit:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya73month-03.jpg:Juggle Bubble happiness!:center:0]] 

Yaya had a lovely haul of gifts from all our friends and family. Thank you to everyone! Yaya is still working on thank you notes, so they will arrive one day! 🙂

[[image:2014-yaya73month-12.jpg:After the party Queen Elsa gets started on her new art supplies:center:0]]

[[image:2014-yaya73month-13.jpg:Then Yaya juggles some bubbles!:center:0]]

[[image:2014-yaya73month-23.jpg:Doing the Juggle Bubble Jig!:center:0]]

And by the way, for those of you thinking about getting the Juggle Bubbles (as seen on TV), they are much more complicated than as advertised. You definitely need a grown up with a lot of patience and finesse, and a non-windy day to get it to the point where the bubbles can actually be (very very gently) juggled. But we persevered and Yaya and I managed to do it. Adik lost interest pretty early on during the experimental stages and used his orange Juggle Bubble gloves to swat at grass, sticks, dirt and other fun toys outside.

We also went to Angie and Fathi’s for an Eid-ul-Fitr gathering. There was lots of food and a lot of people, including many children for the kids to play with. Plus Angie and Fathi have a trampoline and a swing set in their back yard!

[[image:2014-yaya73month-06.jpg:Baju kurung with skirt off, in the grand tradition of Raya playtime:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya73month-07.jpg:She still loves to swing!:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya73month-20.jpg:Trampoline fun!:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya73month-08.jpg:Selamat Hari Raya from Ohio!:center:0]] 

Next some fun photos of Yaya and Adik:

[[image:2014-yaya73month-09.jpg:Balloon hat gets her ducks in a row:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya73month-10.jpg:Two little kitkats roly-polying and meowing on the bed:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya73month-14.jpg:Making shadows in the afternoon sun:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya73month-15.jpg:What sweet little kids (of course 30 seconds later they started arguing):center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya73month-16.jpg:Talking on home-made iPhones (Phones shaped like the letter I built using building blocks):center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya73month-21.jpg:One of my favorite shots of the siblings:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya73month-22.jpg:Silly selfie with Papa!:center:0]]

Some solo shots of the girl:

[[image:2014-yaya73month-17.jpg:Happy at the pediatrician for her 6-year checkup:center:0]] 

Yaya’s official height: 49.5 inches (125.73 cm). In the 99th percentile. Surprise! Yaya was also sternly told to eat more variety and to be brave about it. We also switched to 2% milk and Yaya hasn’t minded this change.

[[image:2014-yaya73month-18.jpg:Dreaming in her not-a-box:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya73month-19.jpg:Music box gift arrives belatedly! Happiness all around! Thank you Auntie Lil!:center:0]] 

Happy 73 month birthday, baby girl!! We love you!!!

[[image:2014-yaya73month-05.jpg:My lovely happy baby:center:0]]

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