A Visitor!

During the time of the big hu-ha (laptop dying + snowfall + sad miserable cold Sila), we had a welcome visitor here in Southwestern Ohio! Unfortunately, the weather being what it was, we were unable to take our visitor out to sight-see very much. We decided instead to relax indoors.

Allie got along well with Flat Cavebaby:

[[image:cavebaby1.jpg:Allie posing with Kakak Flat Cavebaby:center:0]]

Allie enjoys “tummy-time” with Flat Cavebaby:

[[image:cavebaby2.jpg:Allie demonstrates being on her tummy for Kakak Flat Cavebaby:center:0]] 

[[image:cavebaby5.jpg:Kakak Flat Cavebaby, Allie and Lulu hold hands and sing Kumbaya:center:0]] 

Cavebaby is very excited that snow is falling:

[[image:cavebaby4.jpg:Snow falling on the back deck:center:0]] 

Too bad Auntie Sila is grumpy and hates the cold. By the way, it was way below freezing and the snow just keeps falling and falling. Grumpity grump! This is not really normal weather for Southwestern Ohio. We get some snow, yes, but the weather does not usually stay so cold so that the snow stays for weeks on end. That kind of weather belongs in northern Ohio, by Cleveland (by Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes, where they get crazy amounts of lake effect snow). We here, in Southwestern Ohio, have issues ploughing the snow and doing normal everyday things in it. In fact, if Flat Cavebaby went to school here, she would have had so many snow days (yayyy! no school!) such that they are thinking about making up all these snow days during the summer holidays. There have been so many snow days that they have already taken away Spring Break and other public holidays until then! That might not be as much fun for the kids, having to go to school in the summer!

Flat Cavebaby also wins the heart of Lily:

[[image:cavebaby3.jpg:Flat Cavebaby and Lily:center:0]] 

I hope you had a nice (albeit boring and cabin fever-ish) visit with us Flat Cavebaby! Many apologies for this entry being so extremely late and too late to be part of your final homework.  Next time, we hope the real Cavebaby and her parents will visit us when the weather is much better (spring/summer/autumn) 😉 and we can have much more fun then.

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