Desperate Prevention of Dilution

This was conceived untold years ago by me, but I forgot about it until recently, and most especially last night when we had teh ais to drink for dinner. Teh ais translates directly into iced tea, but it’s not exactly that. It’s more to the tune of tea with thick sweetened condensed milk in warm water, mixed with ice cubes or ice tubes.

Some restaurants serve teh ais with a lot of ice rather than tea, which leads to very diluted tea if you leave it on the table for too long. This would also lead to a very annoyed Hisham.

What I propose is this:

Hours before taking orders for teh ais (or Nescafe ais or Milo ais for that matter) brew a ton of the drink, pour the liquid onto ice cube trays and freeze the lot of them. When someone orders a teh ais, put the ice cubes from the freezer tray into the glass. That way when the ice melts the teh ais doesn’t get diluted by plain water from normal melting ice cubes.

And in the end Hisham doesn’t get annoyed, which is a good deal for me.

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