D6 Magazine Issue 3: An Interview

D6 Magazine #3 cover

It’s the horror issue

D6 Magazine – the online fanzine for Open D6 role-playing game material – has released issue #3!

The horror issue has a variety of articles and scenarios, including vampires, a hell hound, a redcap goblin and Spring-heeled Jack. There’s also a simple Sanity System for running D6 horror adventures.

The eerie, underwater Cinema6 adventure “Down Below” written by J. Elliot Streeter brings the zine to a close. You might remember my artwork created for the adventure in this previous blog entry.

But it also has a bonus four-page interview with me by Peter Robbins, interrogating me about my past, present and future in artwork and illustrations, as well as role-playing games!

Here’s an excerpt:

Q: When did you decide, “Hey, I could make money doing this? Sure, let’s roll in that dough!” And what were your emotions when this decision came into fruition in your life?

A: When I ran out of kidneys to sell on eBay.

Download the zine from DrivethruRPG for free!

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