41 Months

Another impossibly quick month has passed. Don’t ask me where the time went. Despite my best efforts, this entry is quite late and (guiltily) backdated. My excuse: work. I had a lot to accomplish before handing off for maternity which meant that I had to work through the Christmas holidays even! Excitement and nervousness abounds – Yaya’s Adik is scheduled to arrive on December 29th, and we have much to do to be ready! Yaya was stellar throughout this period. She didn’t complain that Mama was always in the office, making me feel all kinds of guilt. But as always, she is an absolute joy for us.

[[image:2011_yaya_41months_03.jpg:Got milk?:center:0]]

Food status: she has proclaimed mangos to be back as part of her accepted diet. But it has to be “crunchy” – meaning pureed, frozen, and slightly thawed. She still doesn’t like normal mangos – she did surprise me by trying a little piece of it, and even dipping her finger in the puree and tasting it (prior to being frozen). We hope this means she will be open to mango popsicles and perhaps other fruit puree popsicles in the near future. Also she now says that she will eat chicken, rice, noodles, etc “when I’m grown up” which is a step in the right direction. Otherwise, still a toastivore. New favorite: artisan bread toasted with butter (aka “bread toast”), although circle toast is still a big part of her repertoire.

Potty-training status: all good. Diapers only at night, and many mornings we find her with a dry diaper and asking to go potty. She has been showing a preference to use the “grown up potty” as opposed to her “froggy potty” (potty chair), without the potty insert even. She’s getting to be such a big girl! All going well so far! Hopefully no regressions when Adik arrives.

Nap status: back to daily naps. If she does skip a nap, she’s not completely horrible in the evenings too.

Big sister transition: Going well! She is enjoying getting big sister presents that have come with presents for Adik. Thanks to Mandy, Lorna, Amy & Jef, the guys from work, and everyone who gave presents not only to Adik, but also to Yaya. She is excited to be a big sister!

We have to get her room ready for occupancy and start getting her used to the idea of sleeping in her own bed as opposed to a crib that she is fast outgrowing. We need to do some things to get her room ready though. I am not sure when that will happen but we’ll get it done some day!

Yaya loves both the iPod and the iPad now. I’m finding all kinds of educational apps (spelling, reading, multi-lingual stuff, puzzles, etc) and Yaya loves it. She also keeps physically active, running around playing ball with Papa, jumping, hopping, running, tumbling. Doing all the things that a normal almost 3-and-a-half year old does. She is getting to be quite the able speller (Vin and I will have to learn a new language that we do not teach her!) and recognizes words in books and in other media. She knows letter sounds and gets very confused that “kucing” does not start with “c” even though it’s the same consonant sound as “cat”. But she is open to all differences. While the family is home, we will be signing her up for swimming classes, hopefully spring soccer league, etc. Have a normal life 😉

She has also been taking photos with the camera, iPod and iPad. She’s pretty good at getting the subject in the frame, and not too bad at focusing it either. It’s amazing to see how much she can do now! Quick note on growth: we measured her height at one of my (many) OBGYN appointments this month and seriously, she seems to be about 42 inches tall now. That’s a 1.5 inch growth since August. She’s getting tall!

One more week left as an only child, inshallah. And then we will see how Kak Yaya deals with being a big sister. I know it’s the hormones talking, but I find myself tearing up at what she is losing (only child status and level of attention), but also tearing up at what she will be gaining (a little brother to boss around, a playmate, hopefully a built in best friend). Pregnancy, what can I say. The hormones made me do it.

I know I said that I wouldn’t have so many pictures but I just couldn’t narrow it down. Here are some of the pictures taken this month that I loved:

[[image:2011_yaya_41months_01.jpg:Cheeky grin:center:0]] 

[[image:2011_yaya_41months_02.jpg:Can’t take my eyes of off you, balloon friend:center:0]] 

[[image:2011_yaya_41months_05.jpg:Plotting mischief:center:0]] 

[[image:2011_yaya_41months_06.jpg:Lanky and long-limbed:center:0]] 

[[image:2011_yaya_41months_07.jpg:In her kit-kat hat and mittens:center:0]] 

[[image:2011_yaya_41months_08.jpg:Yaya and Lily – what are they looking at?:center:0]] 

Happy birthday baby girl! You are the best daughter that anyone could wish for. We love you! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year y’alls! Y’all come back next month, hear?

[[image:2011_yaya_41months_04.jpg:Papa and Yaya send holiday love to all:center:0]]

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