Doom Agents: The Endau Rompin Rescue (Instance B)

It’s the final week of the semester and I was able to run a game session each for two different classes. This was the second of the two. Click here for the first class.

Freeform Universal: Doom Agents (PPIPT5)

It is two years after the Brazilian mission.

10th June 2019: Another Doom Agent team is sent to the Endau-Rompin National Park for ANOTHER rescue mission.  This time it is the kidnapped daughter of a diplomat. The team of five arrived in Malaysia and set out for their mission immediately.

Dramatis Personae

In alphabetical order (played by student group names in quotation marks):

  • Captain Kelvin, Soldier – “5Avengers”
  • Dr. Bob, Medic – “Rulebreakers”
  • Jeffrey, Sharpshooter – “Team Alpha”
  • Jet, Thief – “North Team”
  • Sancorn, Enforcer – “Amigos”

The Mission Begins

It is raining heavily in the thick jungle. Sancorn drives the team in a Toyota Hilux towards the GPS coordinates where the kidnappers are holding the little girl. Sancorn sees a tree about to fall onto the little jungle path and hits the brakes. Unable to traverse over the thick tree, Jeffrey uses Kelvin’s grenade to split the fallen tree trunk. BOOM!

They continue their travel. Sancorn spots a wire across the road and brakes again. Dr. Bob defuses the claymore mine booby trap. After that, the team travel on foot to see the clearing with the wooden shack right beside a green, algae-tinged lake. Jet scouts and spots an armed guard under the hut’s porch.

Sancorn breaks cover and approaches the guard, acting as a lost hiker using his fake Swiss passport. Meanwhile, Jet successfully leads the rest to the back of the house. Sancorn obliges the guard, turns back & slowly walks back towards the jungle.

Into the Shack

Jeffrey throws a smoke grenade through an open window. BAM! The front guard is distracted, so Sancorn draws his gun and shoots him. Captain Kelvin opens the back door, rushes in through the thick smoke to look for the abducted girl. He finds the girl tied to a chair and discovers a nuclear bomb in a black case behind her.

Meanwhile Sancorn is rushing towards the front of the house, his pistol ready. Jeffrey also enters through the backdoor with his sniper rifle ready. Suddenly part of the smoke clears. Jeffrey sees one of the kidnappers and recognises him.

It is his twin brother Jonathan who disappeared some years ago. Both are shocked, but they fire at each other. Both are hit and fall. However only Jonathan is unconscious.

Sancorn & Jet enter the cabin. Jet carries the girl away in her chair. More smoke clears, and Jet sees a woman with a machine gun aiming at him. Dr. Bob enters through the back door, yells, “Heartless woman!” and fires. The woman falls.

Dr. Bob realises that the woman was about to hit the remote trigger for the nuclear bomb. If Bob did not shoot her, the bomb would have been activated.

Captain Kelvin deems the mission accomplished.

To be continued, maybe.

Click here to go to Instance A (IKOM3).


  • FU RPG can be found here.
  • I created pregenerated characters for the student although they were free to choose their own character names. In the dramatis personae above, the names in the quote marks are the names of the classroom group who controls that particular player character.
  • The system mods can be found in Instance A’s notes section.
  • This class completed their mission by the end of the classroom session.
  • I did run for a couple of other classes, but I screwed up the recording. I was unable to GM for a later class because I was not feeling well towards the end of the week.
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