Doom Agents: The Endau Rompin Rescue (Instance A)

It’s the final week of the semester and I was able to run a game session each for two different classes. This was the first of the two. Click here for the second class.

Freeform Universal: Doom Agents (IKOM3)

What happened to the last Doom Agents team that left on the Brazilian mission. What happened to them, we might never know. However on 10th June 2019, another team was sent to the Endau-Rompin National Park to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a diplomat. The team of seven arrived in Malaysia and set out for their mission immediately.

Dramatis Personae

In alphabetical order (played byStudent group names in quotation marks):

  • Bevis, Enforcer – “No Boundaries”
  • Black Widow, Medic – “Titans”
  • Captain Price, Soldier – “Team UVW201”
  • Heister, Thief – “Cool Dudes”
  • Jerung, Sharpshooter – “One Hit Wonder”
  • Magnificent, Driver – “Queen Bees”
  • Roye, Technician – “Magellanic Cloud”

Watch the video belowto see how the session unfolded.

The Mission Begins

It is raining heavily in the thick jungle. Roye the technician scouts ahead with his trusty dirt bike when the team’s Toyota Veilfire is obstructed by a fallen tree. Their driver Magnificent decides to find another jungle path towards their objective. Later, Roye dismounts and sneaks in on foot. Luckily, he spots and defuses a Claymore mine before it shreds him.

2 hours later, the team is finally reunited. They see a the clearing with a wooden shack by a lake where intel says three guards are holding the girl. Roye confirms two men by sight. He uses his laptop to hack the guard’s phone. The photos and text messages he discovers confirm three hostiles & the girl within the shack.

The team medic codenamed Black Widow – a Malaysian – realises that the third hostile is her long lost train sister Zainab.

Widow decides to walk to the guard, impersonating Zainab. A moment later, Widow has the guard unconscious with chloroform.

Into the Shack

The team advances to the shack, weapons ready. Captain Price throws a flashbang grenade through the window, rushes in and shoots the second male guard Klaus. Still disoriented, Zainab is about to spray the hut living room with her machine gun. Price shoots her so the little girl would not be hit by stray bullets.

The team enters and notices an open black metal case behind the girl. Inside is a nuclear bomb.

Its 5-minute timer has activated.

To be continued, maybe.

Click here to go to Instance B.


  • FU RPG can be found here.
  • I created pregenerated characters for the student although they were free to choose their own character names. In the dramatis personae above, the names in the quote marks are the names of the classroom group who controls that particular player character.
  • I modified the basic FU system so students can get directly to discussing and declaring actions. My mods do however skew the results more towards succeeding, but that’s okay. I just want the students to exercise their speaking skills.
  • I put numbers in a set of Traits, between 2 to 4. Some gear have Rating between 1 and 2. Add Trait to Gear Rating for your dice pool. Roll D6s. Normal difficulty, count the highest dice result as usual. Moderate difficulty: count the second highest dice. Hard: the third highest dice, and so forth. Example: if you rolled 6, 6, 5, 3 on a Hard difficulty your chosen result would be 5. Result still follows the FU success/failure track of the six-sided dice.
  • Students also have Karma Points which no one uses. Spend one or two points to get a +1 or +2 to your final result so you never get a “Fail and…” or a flat Fail result. But you have to justify your Karma spend based on the character’s Occupation, Hobbies, Likes and Hates. If you roll a six, you still get a six but the extra points is reconverted into Karma Points.
  • Sadly, Instance A did not complete their mission before online classroom time was up.
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